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    Here is a guide of characters seen in the anime Infinite Ryvius.

    Warning: This thread may contain spoilers for those who haven't finished/seen the show.

    Kouji Aiba: 16 year-old boy from Earth, where he and his younger brother Yuki were raised by their mother after their parents divorced. Considered by many fans of the show the main character, Kouji is a good, honest person, even though he acts as a patronizing guardian to his brother. He may seem a weak and spineless coward, but he can be very diplomatic and knows how to deal with people, except his brother. Thus, fights (physical and/or verbal) always take place when he encounters his brother. Outside these domestic disputes, he is also presented as a childhood friend of Aoi Housen, and good friends with fellow piloting student Ikumi Oze. It is also obvious that he is attracted to Fina S. Shinozaki, an aristocrat from Uranus.

    With the Ryvius in turmoil, Kouji is the one who tries to keep the peace in a non-violent fashion and possibly the only one who still retains vestiges of civilization in him. He is the one who finally brings his friends and the castaways back to civilization.

    Yuki Aiba: 15 year-old boy and brother to Kouji. Very intelligent and with intuitions superior to his brother's, Yuki feels he doesn't need his brother. Presented as a "lone wolf", it is very hard for Yuki to live with others. Very athletic, and with outstanding piloting skills, Yuki ranks at the top of the Level 2 piloting group. He is possibly the best pilot on the Ryvius, after the Zwei (an elite of second-year students aboard the Liebe Delta space station).

    He is one of the five main operators for the Vital Guarder, a giant mecha, primary weapon of the Ryvius. His current girlfriend is Cullen Lucciora, a fellow Vital Guarder main operator.

    Aoi Housen: 16 year-old former childhood friend to Kouji. She has known the Aiba brothers for longer than anyone else, and often acts as an older sister to both of them. She is a flight attendant aboard the Liebe Delta; she often sticks her nose into Kouji's business, but she doesn't have any special feelings for him. Aoi is friends with fellow flight attendant Kozue Izumi, and Reiko Ichikawa.

    During the series, it becomes clear Aoi harbours feelings for both the Aiba brothers, and by the end of the series she and Kouji will become an official couple.


    Note: The guide is incomplete. I will add more bios whenever I'll have time.

    Edit: I re-opened the thread so that anyone can post in it. If anyone wants to add a bio, go ahead. Just no copy/paste material allowed and absolutely no spam.

    With a little luck, this guide will be one of the best on the site

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