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(ended 2000)





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  • Definately one of the best animes I have seen. A must see for any anime fans out there, but not only. I strongly reccomend this show to anyone who wants to watch a great action/adventure, psychological drama (I guess that's the best I can describe it).

    The year is AD 2225 and mankind has spread from Earth to inhabit nearly all the planets or nearby moons in colonies and settlements. Space travel has become popular and most people decide to become astroauts as they grow up. Schools set up to train future space voyagers have been created virtually everywhere, one of the most famous being the Liebe Delta, positioned somewhere in Earth's orbit. This is the setting in which the show Infinite Ryvius takes place.
    As for the story, the plot is so complex it would take too long to actually explain everything that happens on the show. Besides, I don't want to spoil everything. The story begins when the Liebe Delta is under attack by terrorists and all the adult instructors, the staff and a few others were killed. Now, the Liebe Delta space station, inhabited only by kids or teenagers, is about to crash-land in into the depths of the Geduld Sea. Suddenly the mysterious ship named Ryvius, hidden somewhere aboard the Liebe Delta, activates itself and all the survivers manage to escape. However, they are still stranded in space and have no way of returning to Earth. This is where the actual story begins.
    From here and until the very end, the survivers must learn how to co-exist in peace, which is not always easy. Infinite Ryvius has tons of characters, both main and secundary, all of which have at least one line on the show. Each character has a unique personality and his own beliefs. Tension usually arrise between them, no matter if they used to be friends or even brothers. Of course, the show does a superb job with character development, and by the end of the series you'll be surpirsed how much some of the characters have actually changed (both for the better and for the worse).
    The highlights of the series have to be the confrontations between different characters, but especially between the two main characters of the show, the Aiba brothers. These scenes are so intense you'll never know what the outcome of their confrontation will be.
    Overall a great, enjoyable series with a lot of character development. An abmitious project, which has definetally paid off. A very dynamic show, which will keep you on the edge of your seat throught its entire run.
  • Much more than simply Lord of the Flies meets Red October, Infinite Ryvius takes an interesting look into the human mind in a very interesting series.

    Infinite Ryvius is definitely one of the most thought-provoking animes I've ever seen. The actions of some of the characters throughout the show really take an interesting look at the human mind and what happens to some people when they're under intense pressure.

    I don't want to say too much about the series, for fear of spoiling stuff. The interactions among characters, particularly near the end of the series, are captivating. Due to all of the conflicts between nearly every character on the show, each conversation is like a minefield waiting to explode. You just don't know where the mines are.

    In the series, there is one character who, by the end, if so obsessed with creating a perfect crime-free world that he willingly attacks a friend after this friend "disturbs the peace". There is another character who is in constant conflict with someone else throughout the series. The confrontations between the two are some of the highlights of the series, as they're very intense. I often found myself yelling at the television screen.

    Now, onto the quality of the series. I'll be perfectly honest, the reason I haven't given this show a 10/10 if because of the unbelievably slow beginning. It takes about four or five episodes for the show to get into its main storyline, and the beginning plot is often incoherent. Later into the series, the plot kicks up and the show gets really good.

    The dub work on the show is decent. Really, there aren't any actors that stand out specifically to me. Each voice actor or actress was very good for their character. Brad Swaile was very good at Kouji's mediating voice and Kirby Morrow was good as Yuki, Kouji's brother with a bad attitude.

    The DVDs for the show are very good. I found the entire series at a local used book/DVD place for twenty bucks. It was definitely worth it. Each DVD has a series of short Japanese internet cartoons called "Infinite Ryvius Illusion". These are ususally very random and almost always completely hilarious. Think FLCL-style random. There are six DVDs total for all 26 episodes.

    All in all, Infinite Ryvius is a great series. It takes an interesting look at the human mind. The characters are very engrossing, and it's very likely that, by the end of the show, you will be on one side of about ten different sides. It's also possible that you might not choose a side because you don't really like what any character is doing. And that makes the show interesting. It is very dynamic and it's constantly changing. The major drawback of the show is its incoherent beginning. Otherwise, a great series. 9.5/10.
  • One of the best series I've ever seen. Much more than the "Lord of the Flies in Space" everyone calls it.

    This is definitely one of the best anime series I've ever seen. I turned to this series hoping to find another action-packed anime series. What I got was even better.

    Infinite Ryvius is about much more than just the "survival of the fittest" theme from Lord of the Flies. In fact, there's almost none of that. Instead, Infinite Ryvius focuses more on REAL character development. In fact, there is a lot of drama going on between the characters before they're even stranded. The characters are all very human, and NEVER try to kill each other like the characters in Lord of the Flies. They all have their own realistic psychological problems, whether it be fearing rejection or feeling a need to protect someone at all costs. These emotions drive many characters into insanity once they're trapped in isolation with one another.

    Another good thing is the fact that there are a lot of characters to develop, and almost all of them are devloped perfectly. Even several background characters with no name get quite a bit of devlopment. And this in no way seems awkward. No one character gets a whole episode to him/herself like they would in a standard anime series.

    Unless you absolutely must have fast-paced action and flashy battles in your anime, you'll definitely enjoy Infinite Ryvius.