Infinite Ryvius

Season 1 Episode 21

We Don't Need Tomorrow

Aired Unknown Feb 23, 2000 on

Episode Recap

The epidose starts where the last one left off. Ikumi has taken control of the Vital Guarder and has used it to grab the Ryvius by the nose, using it as a show of power to deter crime on board. This causes panic onboard, and we see some of the main characters reactions. Aoi and Reiko go into hysterics and Kouji is in total disbelief as to what is happening. Fina and Kozue seem perfectly at ease however.

Neeya seems to be shivering slightly, and judging by her face it's from fear. Ikumi meanwhile is interupted in the middle of an interlectual monolouge ("There's no other way. I have no options, No Choice! There's no other way.") by the appearence of Yuki and Cullen, who are there to assist him with operating the Guarder, much to his surprise.

Apparently Yuki came here with his own plans, and judging by the look on Cullen's face it seems she was just following Yuki. Meanwhile, on the Bridge as Ikumi gives out another warning (This time he's threatening to take away the Vital Guarder.) Stein seems to be going into a fit of hysterics. (It's the first time he's actually shown any emotion.) It seems he supports Ikumi's show of power. The rest of the Zwei however are stumped as to what to do and naturally, they turn to Juli. Juli in turn makes an anouncement to the Ryvius, explaining everything that's happened. Once she's done that, she tries to get Ikumi to return to the Ryvius, only for him to resist, blowing up a section of the Ryvius (At Stien's "Suggestion".) to prove that he's speaking the truth. While all this is going on, Aoi is crying her heart out before going to look for Kouji, who is trying to bring down the Blast Doors to the Bridge so he can talk to Ikumi. Fina meanwhile is preaching on about how Ikumi is leading them to thier future to her followers. As the section is destroyed, the whole ship shakes, while Stien seems to go a bit crazy, saying that Ikumi's way is the right way. Ikumi decides to come back to the Ryvius, while Kouji meets up with a throughly distrought Aoi, who went looking for him because she was alone. It's now one month later, and Juli is writing in her personal log. Ikumi is now Captain of the Ryvius, and an unsteady peace reigns over the ship. The Ryvius has left Saturn behind, now bound for Uranus. Living Quarters have now been seperated into roughly 50 people per compartment, in the hope this will cut down on crime. A group called the Guardians has been formed, apparently led by Michelle, Fu and Ryu of Team Blue, all who were previusly thought to be under House arrest. It's made up of people who agree with Ikumi's way of thinking. Fina's apparently in complete agreement with Ikumi (Which surprises Juli.) and was even the one to suggest they go to Uranus (Or more to the point, one of its moons. Titania.) Juli closes wishing that they could reach the region as quickly as possible, and feeling useless at the same time. Kouji meanwhile is bringing Blue up to date as he eats. Kouji can no longer access any of the special areas of the ship, for his I.D.'s been modified. He can't talk to Ikumi and he's frustrated because Yuki's agreeing with everything. He asks Blue what he'd do in his position. Blue simply says he'd use the Needle gun in Kouji's pocket. Aoi meanwhile seems to be losing it slightly back at the Living Quarters, hugging Kouji's jacket for comfort, crying deeply into it. Ikumi and Stien meanwhile are talking about the crime rate on the Ryvius. Apparently it's at 3% (A model rating according to Stien.) Ikumi however what's it at zero. Down in the Canteen, Lucson is making a fuss over how little food Pat is being given, while Kouji begins to feel depressed about how he's always going with the flow. Deciding not to eat, he returns to his Quarters, running into Fina on the way. He pleads with her to help him get to see Ikumi, but FIna flatly refuses, saying that he'd only make Ikumi dwell on the past, when he should be embracing the future. The only way she'll help him is if he moves in with her, thus returning his special status, but Kouji refuses, saying he won't leave Aoi alone. When he leaves, A throughly hacked off Fina asks (With a sweet smile on her face.) one of her followers to go down to the Living Quarters and kill Aoi. (Obviously thinking that by killing her, Kouji will go to her.) Ikumi meanwhile is breaking down in his quarters while Kozue tries to comfort him. Apparently Fu commited a crime of some sort, even though he's there to reinforce Ikumi's laws. Meanwhile, Cullen and Yuki are running drills together on the Vital Guarder. Cullen brings up the love triangle between him, Kouji and Aoi, but Yuki plays dumb and pretends not to know what she's talking about. Speaking of Aoi... Aoi is it a fitful sleep in her Living quarters, holding Kouji's jacket close to her like her life depended on it. while she's sleeping, FIna's assassin goes for a first attempt at her life, only to screw it up royally, just as Kouji's comeing back from being beaten up over his I.D. Card. (Which, by the way, had no points on it.) He hears Aoi scream and runs over to see what's the matter, just as the assassin barges out. At first he thinks about going after her, then thinks better of it, deciding on Aoi's welfare over the capture of her attacker. Aoi seems to have comeplety lost it, and it's only by Kouji trying to sooth her does she finally calm down. She starts to pour out her worries to him, saying how she was worried when both Kouji and Yuki weren't going home during the dive and how she'd have to stay too to make sure they didn't fight. Kouji apologises, saying that he also didn't what to see his mum, but before he can go into detail, a group of Guardians goes past, about to teach a crewmember a lesson. Kouji starts to go after them, but is pulled back by Aoi, who wants him to stay with her. She starts to slip into hysteria again, saying that perhaps this is all a bad dream and she'll soon wake up from it all like nothing had happened. She pleads with Kouji to tell her it's the truth, but Kouji, who's starting to break down himself (Again.) Refuses, trying to force her to face the facts that they're not on Earth, and that this isn't a dream. Aoi refuses to believe him, her hysteria overtaking her again. Finally, with a combination of Aoi's hysteria and the hard truth finally seeming to hit him, Kouji completly breaks down, forcing Aoi out of her confusion. She pleads with him to stop crying, and after a moment, she hugs him, trying to comfort him and to help him stop crying. After a time, The two seemed to have calmed down, although both are continuing to cry. They pull back for a moment to stare into each others eyes, before Kouji kisses her deeply, and they both fall back onto the bed. As the view goes to the closed curtain to Aoi's sleeping area, she mumours Kouji's name, while his last thoughts are heard in conjuction with Neeya.

Neeya: Even though, I'm as sad as can be... Kouji: ...Forget about tomorrow. We'd be better off, if tomorrow never comes.