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(ended 1986)

Proper Episode List

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    Since my request to rearrange the Inhumanoids episode list has been turned down, I'll tell everyone which proper order the episodes go in, and their airdates:

    1.The Evil That Lies Within, Part 1 (aired September 21st, 1986)

    2.The Evil That Lies Within, Part 2 (aired September 28th, 1986)

    3.The Evil That Lies Within, Part 3 (aired October 5th, 1986)

    4.The Evil That Lies Within, Part 4 (aired October 12th, 1986)

    5.The Evil That Lies Within, Part 5 (aired October 19th, 1986)

    6.Cypheroid (aired October 26th, 1986)

    7.The Surma Plan (aired December 7th, 1986)

    8.Cult of Darkness (aired November 2nd, 1986)

    9.Negative Polarity (aired November 9th, 1986)

    10.The Evil Eye (aired November 16th, 1986)

    11.Primal Passions (aired November 23rd, 1986)

    12.The Masterson Team (aired November 30th, 1986)

    13.Auger... For President? (aired December 14th, 1986)

    P.S.: dju010 is a big meanie!

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