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  • Decompose!!!!

    I have to admit, this show was pretty nasty and graphic for a cartoon. The inhumanoids were these underground creatures that were giant, and evil. Not even sure if there were any good ones. But they struck me as ancient beings who were basically demons. One in particular, voiced by the late Chris Latta (Starscream/Cobra Commander) named Decompose was pretty scary. He could open his rib cage. I also remember lots of fluid going on in this show. Whether it was lava or bile, or some kind of organic stuff, it was pretty gross. Not surprisingly, the show only lasted one season. The theme song was pretty cool though. - K.
  • just another one

    this was one of a long list of shows based on a toy line. there must have been a hundred of them in the 80's. this was not the worst one, but it was not one of the best either. i do not remember how long this one lasted but i do not think it was very long. i only remember seeing it a few times one summer.