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AIRED ON 2/8/2013

Season 5 : Episode 8

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This story is fiction. All names of characters, places, and organizations in the story are fictional. Follow the traffic rules and drive safely. - opening Initial D disclaimer. Initial D chronicles the story of 18-year old high school student Takumi Fujiwara, a fairly relaxed kid who never really enjoyed driving, especially when for years, he has to deliver tofu for his dad in the wee hours of the morning along the windy roads of Mount Akina in a Toyota Treuno AE86 (a Corolla equivalent also known as the Eight-Six or Hachi Roku). But then one morning, Takumi does his usual tofu run when he overtakes a Mazda RX-7 FD3S which is driven by Keisuke Takahashi: one of the hottest street racers in the prefecture. Takumi soon finds himself involved in the world of street racing as racers from all over come and challenge him both on Mt. Akina and other mountainous courses. This series was based on Shuichi Shigeno's manga which has had published over 35 volumes since 1996. The anime is full of high-res computer graphics rendering of real brands of street cars.

Season Organization:
The series is organized into the following five stages plus some bonus stages for recaps, specials and movies.

First Stage
Number of Episodes: 26
Originally aired: 1998 (JP), 2005 (Latin America)
Video released: 2000 (JP), 2003�2005 (US - Tokyopop), 2007 boxset distribution (US - Funimation)
Description: Takumi grows his reputation of being the best downhill racer in Akina in his rather humble Eight-Six. After casually passing Keisuke Takahashi, Takumi must race Keisuke in a proper battle. Other opponents try to take him on as well, including Takeshi Nakazato and Shingo Shouji of the Night Kids, a rainy weather specialist, and even a pair of women racers who have owned on a nearby mountain. Ultimately he must battle Ryosuke Takahashi of the Red Suns who has studied Takumi's every move since Takumi's first race.

Second Stage
Number of Episodes: 13
Originally aired: 1999-2000 (JP).
Video released: 2000-2001 (JP), 2005 (US � Tokyopop), 2007 boxset distribution (US - Funimation)
Description: Takumi must deal with the Emperor team and their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. They have devastated every opponent they have raced, and Takumi is about to suffer a devastation of his own when he learns of Natsuki's secret. Afterwards, Takumi is faced with another challenger who also has a souped-up Eight-Six with a Turbo.

Initial D Third Stage (movie) MOVIETOME
Duration: 114 minutes
Originally aired: January 13, 2001 (JP), April 18, 2003 (US - Big Apple Anime Fest).
Description: Months after the Second Stage, Takumi wants to calm down and live a normal life, but that changes as he is confronted by his old rival Ryosuke Takahashi with a proposal to join his new racing team. Takumi tries to figure out if he should join, but first he must prove to himself he is worthy by racing a rematch against Emperor leader Kyouichi Sudou, and then battle Kai Kogashikawa, the son of Bunta's rival.

Sil-Eighty Extra Stage (OVA)
Number of Episodes: 2
Video released: March 22, 2001 (JP). November 8, 2005 (US - Tokyopop)
Description: This is a spinoff of the Initial D series that focuses on the background story of the all-girls racing duo of Mako and Sayuki. Learn where they came from, how Mako got her car, and about Mako's tragic past as they have a brush with the Night Kids and the Emperor teams.

Battle Stage
Duration: 50 minutes
Released: 2002
Description: This special covers the main battles of Initial D from the first three stages, and includes a battle where Keisuke faces the LanEvo IV.

Sil-Eight Extra Stage 2: Tabidachi No Green (OVA)
Number of episodes: 1
Originally released: October 3, 2008 on SkyPerfect TV Pay-per-view
Video Released: Decmeber 2008 in Japan
Description: More adventures with the Impact Blue girls to mark the 10th anniversary of Initial D.

Fourth Stage
Number of Episodes: 24
Originally released: 2004-2006 in Japan. Two episodes were released every 3rd Saturday on every other month. 2010 (US, Funimation)
Description: Project D, led by Ryosuke Takahashi, has been tearing up the town as they have challenged and dominated many different racing teams and mountains. That is, until they have to deal with the Saitama Challenge and the Toudou Racing School, which trains professional racers. Keisuke battles some of the top racers as the master of the uphill battle, and Takumi finds himself racing greater challenges from a pro rally car driver to a team known as Godfoot and Godhand.

Initial D The Movie MOVIETOME
Originally aired: 2005 in Asia. 2007 in US on AZN TV.
Video Release: August 19, 2005 (Region 3). August 26, 2005 (US)
Description: A live action movie dubbed in Cantonese based on the series, and starring action star Jay Chou as Takumi.The live-action movie will not be covered here.

Fifth Stage
Number of Episodes:
Originally aired: 2012 on Animax pay-per-view, 2 episodes released every month (JP)
Description: Further adventures with Takumi and Project D as they continue touring prefectures. Takumi also meets a girl who is aspiring to be a professional golfer.

The Racing Teams of Initial D Speed Stars: They aren't the best team, but they are good friends and host many of the races on Mt. Akina. They hang out at the gas station often where Iketani, Itsuki, and Takumi work as attendants. Members: Iketani (Leader), Kenji (#2), Itsuki (prospective member). Red Suns: Hailing from Mt. Akagi, the Red Suns have dominated many of the teams in the Gunma Prefecture, and tour the different mountains to take on the locals and beat them. Members: Ryosuke Takahashi (Leader), Keisuke Takahashi (#2), Kenta Nakamura (member) Night Kids: The Night Kids hail from Mt. Myogi and boast power and prowess. Members: Takeshi Nakazato (Leader), Shingo Shouji (#2). Impact Blue: The two girls have dominated everyone with their impressive driving on their home course of Mt. Usui. Members: Mako (Driver) and Sayuri (Navigator Emperor: Team Irohazaka Emperor is truly the dominating team in Initial D. They have beaten the best racers with their souped-up Mitsubishi Lancer Evolutions. Members: Kyouichi Sudou (Leader), Seiji Iwaki (#2). Toudou School: A school that specializes in racing. Its graduates have included Sudou of Team Emperor, and many of its students have either gone pro or semi-pro. Members: Daiki Ninomiya, Smiley Sakai, Tomoyuki Tachi Characters (Their American nicknames are listed in quotation marks) Takumi "Tak" Fujiwara: Takumi never saw driving as a fun thing since he's had to help deliver tofu for his father for many years. But eventually he enjoys the competitive world of street racing and strives to become even better than he already is. Takumi's car: Toyota Trueno AE86 (Eight-Six). Itsuki "Iggy" Takeuchi: Takumi's best friend, Itsuki, has been obsessed with street racing for a while. He hopes to get an Eight-Six of his own, and join the Akina Speed Stars. Eventually he saves enough money to buy one but it's not what he expected but he learns to enjoy it anyway. Itsuki's car: Toyota Levin AE85 (Eight-Five) Natsuki "Natalie" Mogi: She is incredibly attractive, and although she used to be someone's boyfriend, she enjoys hanging out with Takumi and invites him out on trips and dates. However, she does get picked up by a mysterious man every so often and tries to keep that a secret from Takumi. Bunta Fujiwara: Bunta is Takumi's father. He is a legendary racer around Mt. Akina and had dominated street racing a generation ago. He owns a tofu shop and is divorced. Bunta's car: Toyota Trueno AE86 (Eight-Six), Subaru Impreza WRX (Fourth stage). Yuichi "Boss" Tachibana: Yuichi is the boss at the gas station where Takumi, Itsuki, and Iketani work. He seems to know much about cars and calls up Takumi's father often to talk about their old racing days. Koichiro "Cole" Iketani: (Speed Stars) He is the leader of the Akina Speed Stars. He works as a mechanic and attendant at the gas station, and loves his Silvia racing car, but soon finds out his skills are far from the rest of the racers. Iketani's car: Nissan Silvia S-13. Kenji: (Speed Stars) He's the #2 driver for the Speed Stars, and while he and Iketani are about the same age, Kenji does enjoy a good race and hanging out at the gas station. Kenji's car: Nissan 180SX. Ryosuke "Ry" Takahashi: (Red Suns) With the legendary moniker of the White Comet, Ryosuke has never lost a battle, and when he's not racing, he spends most of his time analyzing his opponent's driving for weaknesses before humiliating him on the road. He has a major battle with Takumi at the climax of the First Stage, and later manages Project D team in the Fourth Stage. Ryosuke's car: Mazda RX-7 FC3S. (FC) Keisuke "K.T." Takahashi: (Red Suns) Keisuke is the #2 driver along with his brother Ry and they both have dominated street racing in Gunma. He drives with his heart and not his head. He brags about his skill, but he can back up all his talk. Keisuke's car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S. (FD) Takeshi "Zak" Nakazato: (Night Kids) Nakazato originally had a Nissan Silvia S13, but he was beaten by a R-32 a while ago, and decided he needed to get one of those which has 350 hp. Takeshi has a respect for power but for finesse driving but isn't afraid to blow away his opponent on a straightaway. Takeshi's car: Nissan Skyline GT-R R32. Shingo Shouji: (Night Kids) Shingo strives to be the top racer but he has some underhanded tactics. Not only does he ram his opponents while they are racing, but he also uses a special match condition called the Duct Tape Death Match that gives his car a distinct advantage over certain cars including the Eight-Six. Shingo's car: Honda Civic EG-6. Mako "Maya" Satou: (Impact Blue) Mako is the driver of the Sil-80. She seems like a normal girl, but she has had a few bad things happen in her past, and she turned to street racing for it. She is unbeatable on her home course at Mt. Usui, and her team challenges the Eight-Six with Iketani's virginity on the line. Mako's car: Nissan Sil-80. Sayuki "Simone": (Impact Blue) Sayuki is the navigator of the road. She looks out for oncoming cars and alerts Mako of any dangers. She also helps tune the car for optimal effect, making it the fastest on Usui. Kenta "Kent" Nakamura: (Red Suns) Kenta looks up to Keisuke and Ryosuke as mentors and guides. He eventually battles Takumi for the Akagi Red Suns in a downhill battle where he is the master of racing in the rain. Kenta's car: Nissan Silvia S14. Seiji "Hawk" Iwaki: (Emperor) He and the other Emperor racers have been tearing up the racing scene, easily beating the Night Kids, and even battling the Red Suns. Seiji's car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV (Evo IV) Kyoichi "Kyle" Sudou: (Emperor) Kyoichi is the big man and leader in Emperor. He is cocky, but he has eye popping skill to back it up. A rival of Ryosuke Takahashi, Kyoichi drives slowly at first, but when he sees his chance, he attacks with full force. He doesn't consider the Eight-Six a threat at all, and proves it in a big battle with Takumi. Kyoichi's car: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution III. (Evo III) Wataru "Aki" Akiyama: Wataru appears in Second Stage. He loves driving his Eight-Six and has many of the same skills that Takumi has in mastering his car. He is also the man who tricks Itsuki into buying an AE85. Wataru's car: Toyota Levin AE86 Turbo (Eight-Six) Kazumi "Carrie" Akiyama: She is Wataru's sister. She treats Itsuki like a boyfriend sometimes but her ties with her brother put the friends at odds. She spent part of the season working at Mt. Akina. Daiki "Dice" Ninomiya: A starring student at the Toudou school. Daiki's car: Honda Civic Type R EK-9 Kyoko "Kylie" Iwase: An expert uphiller, Kyoko meets Keisuke in a race and totally has a crush on him. Kyoko's car: Mazda RX-7 FD3S. (FD similar to Keisuke's) The Music of Initial D Japanese version Opening Themes 1a. Around the world - move (ep 1-19) 1b. Break into the night � move (ep 20-26) 2. Blazin' Beat � move (ep 27-39) 3. Gamble Rumble � move (third stage) 4a. Dogfight � move (ep 4-1 to 4-10) 4b. Noizy Tribe � move (ep 4-11 to 4-24) Japanese version Ending Themes 1a. Rage your dream � Move (ep 1-14) 1b. Kiseki no Hana � Galla (ep 15-26) 2. Kimi ga Iru � Galla (ep 27-39) 3. Every little thing � Jirenma (third stage) 4a. Blast My Desire � move (ep 4-1 to 4-10) 4b. Nobody reason (Noah's Ark) � move (ep 4-11 to 4-24) English version themes 1. Initialize � DJ Milky and b_nCHANt_d DVD's Tokyopop has released 14 volumes of Initial D that cover the first two stages and the extra stage. There are three episodes per volume except for Vol. 14 which covers the Sil-Eighty Extra Stage. Each DVD contains the original "c" version, and also a remastered "Tricked Out" version with redubbed voices and music.

Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki

Takumi Fujiwara

Dave Wittenberg

Dave Wittenberg

Takumi 'Tak' Fujiwara

Joel McDonald

Joel McDonald

Takumi Fujiwara (Funimation)

Mitsuo Iwata

Mitsuo Iwata

Itsuki Takeuchi

Robbie Rist

Robbie Rist

Itsuki 'Iggy' Takeuchi

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