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Initial D

Season 4 Episode 14

ACT.14: Sad Lonely Driver

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 2005 on Animax Entertainment
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Episode Summary

Takumi is up to do the morning deliveries, but is shocked to see that blue Impreza WR-X in front of the shop, and that he gets to drive that as part of his job. As Takumi tries to get used to a new car, he is also dejected that he cannot find a way to beat it with his Eight-Six. Itsuki meets up with Kazumi, and discovers she doesn't have a boyfriend. With his date continuing into the evening, Itsuki finds an opportunity to confess to her, but Kazumi has something to confess as well.moreless

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    Atsushi Kakehashi

    Atsushi Kakehashi

    Store Clerk

    Guest Star

    Mitsuaki Madono

    Mitsuaki Madono

    Man in the Lan EVO

    Guest Star

    Shigeru Shibuya

    Shigeru Shibuya

    Kazumi's Ex-boyfriend

    Guest Star

    Ryouka Yuzuki

    Ryouka Yuzuki

    Kazumi Akiyama

    Recurring Role

    Yasunori Matsumoto

    Yasunori Matsumoto

    Wataru Akiyama

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (1)

      • Right after the big hug, there's a scene in front of the convenience store where it looked like Iketani and Kenji are standing next to Itsuki while he's squatting by the ground sulking, but then it cuts to a scene where they are still hiding behind the wall. It's actually some other group of guys, as Kenji was wearing a brown jacket with blue jeans while the guy was wearing a brown shirt and brown pants. Iketani was wearing a blue t-shirt and jeans like the other guy.

    • QUOTES (7)

      • Itsuki: Well, do you want to go home now? I'll drive you back.
        Kazumi: I… don't want to go home tonight.
        (Itsuki has a stunned look. So do Kenji and Iketani who are watching from behind a wall.)
        Kenji: Did you hear that, Iketani?
        Iketani: (swooning) That line that any man would want to hear even just once in his life!

      • Iketani: Man, Itsuki's been on a date the entire day, and here I am driving alone with you on a Saturday night.
        Kenji: That's supposed to be my line!

      • Iketani: But that Takumi won anyway. I wonder if there's a driver out there that can beat him.
        Tachibana: What are you talking about? There's an entire world out there. No matter how good you get, there's always someone better than you.

      • (Itsuki accelerates the Eight-Five, and a brief sound is heard.)
        Kazumi: Whoa! As to be expected from a turbo tuned car!
        (The Eight-Five approaches a curve. Itsuki shifts and accelerates again, and the Eight-Five makes the same sound. Itsuki loses control briefly and corrects for it.)
        Itsuki: Whoaaaaaa!
        Kazumi: (thinking with silly gaping smile) And it's a laggy turbo…it reminds me of my brother's old Levin.

      • Takumi: (face palm while squatting down) Dammit! I'm so… Why didn't I realize it sooner? When you think about it, there's only one person that can drive so dangerously, recklessly, tactlessly, and disgustingly fast on Akina's downhill!

      • (Takumi drives off in the Impreza)
        Bunta: (Thinking about Takumi) It's too bad, but he's gonna go into a slump for a while with this... But there's no future for him if he can't overcome this.

      • Takumi: (Thinking to himself) Mogi... I wonder what she's up to these days? I bet she never feels lonely. I've been running at full speed, not thinking about anything, because I've been too busy with my activities with D, but maybe I'm just out of it lately... I can't stop thinking about her. Why do I feel so lonely?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Manga Corollary: Volume 25
        Chapter 317, Return of the Nightmare
        Chapter 318, Mountain of Madness
        Chapter 319, Mountain of Madness, Part Two
        Chapter 320, Iggy Finds Happiness
        Manga Corollary: Volume 26

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