Initial D

Season 2 Episode 1

ACT.27: A New Threat

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1999 on Animax Entertainment



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  • Quotes

    • (Takumi is with Natsuki)
      Itsuki: Hey Takumi, let's go home. (Spots Natsuki) I'd better go home alone. I'm a lonely driver.

  • Notes

    • Featured Songs – Japanese
      Burning Desire – Maga Nag Man

      Featured Songs- English
      Money to make – shonuff
      Freak of Nature – Overture 6
      Ride 2 I Die – performed by Kphu
      What You Need – Shannon Gray

    • Original Japanese Title: ACT.1: Super Weapon Appears

      Note in the English version the ACT episode numbers continue counting from 27 and up, whereas the Japanese version the ACT numbers start over at 1.

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