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Angus's Submission Standards for the Initial D show guide

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    Angus's Submission Standards for the Initial D guide

    Q: What things do you need most right now?
    A: Cast and Crew detail for Fourth Stage, Manga Corollaries.

    Q: Can you explain the season organization?
    A: Sure!

    Season 1: First Stage
    Season 2: Second Stage
    Season 3: Third Stage movie, plus any Battle Stages, Extra Stages, and other specials
    Season 4: Fourth Stage

    Q: How strict are you with grammatically correct submissions? Some people want everything perfect when submitting, but others say they'll fix it?
    A: If it is worthy info, I will try to edit it in the submission queue, so you can get your CP's and the guide does not look like crap.

    Episode Title: All episodes are to conform to the ACT.X: Title format. Those titles should follow the official Tokyopop version whenever possible, with alternative translations put in Notes.
    Summary: The short should describe the action presented in the episode. Try to avoid spoilers for any major races; it's OK to say they're going for a second round in a pursuit match, but don't mention who wins.
    Recap: Recaps should cover the episode in detail. Recaps are like play-by-plays. Please PM the current editor if you wish to tackle this task.
    Airdates: Since this series has taken a long time to release to US, the airdates will conform to the original Japanese run, with any DVD and US releases placed in Notes. Stage Four follows the Japanese DVD release on their website.
    Production Codes: First and Second stage codes follow self-evident episode numbering.

    Quotes: Specify which version by using their Japanese or Americanized name.
    For example:
    Itsuki: Man, that's not right.
    Iggy: Man, that is whack.
    Funimation dub has Japanese names throughout so it's okay to add quotes with Japanese name.

    Pick the one that is more memorable, unless both are equally funny and original, then post both.

    Use the NOTES section for
    Manga Corollaries - see section below
    DVD notes
    Featured/Insert Music for Japanese and English versions
    Alternative but official titles from Japanese translation or captions. Precede with Also known as:
    Production information.
    Broadcast information.
    Japanese and English minor cast/crew credits and special actor notes.
    Major edits from "Tricked Out" version.

    Manga Corollaries should follow this format:
    Manga Corollary: Volume 17 second half
    Chapter 192, Project D
    Chapter 193, Gunma Road Warrior
    Chapter 194, Double Aces
    Chapter 195, Fear
    Chapter 196, Tohru Matsuhara,the Downhill Kamikaze
    Chapter 197, Ditch Daredevils

    The Seven-Star Leafs story arc begins with this episode. (and any manga inconsistencies/changes)

    Use the TRIVIA section for
    Car nitpicks and stats
    License Plate Numbers (first appearance)
    Character Debuts and Trivia - For character introductions, you may specify alternative spellings as a character debut. (e.g. Iketani's alternative spellings are: Koichiro, Kouichirou)

    Use the ALLUSION section for
    Product Replacements (e.g. SOMY, WcDonalds)

    Do NOT submit
    Main character did not appear in this episode - It's a given that this show has episodes that don't focus on the entire ensemble, so only post if it's interesting.
    Who wins the race. Spoiler. Duh.

    Q: Can I submit trivia from Wikipedia?
    A: That depends on the information. Wikipedia has some great facts like here, but unless you can independently verify it by watching the episode itself, consider it a secondary source, and hunt down the primary one if possible. Write it in your own words.

    Q: What spellings should I use for the character names?
    A: You can use either the Americanized names or the Japanese names.

    Q: Can I be a Trusted for your show?
    A: The best way is to just contribute quality information, and not ask me.

    On top of standards:
    Download/Broadband sites - You may discuss store availability and video release dates, and even broadband offerings on official rental sites, but do not ask for or provide websites that contain illegally distributed videos of TV episodes. Funimation has some videos officially posted, so you can use those. When in doubt, substitute "The Internet" in all forum discussions. Those who persist will be moderated severely and reported for TOS violations.
    Spoiler threads - Please assume the poster does not want spoilers unless the forum is labeled as such. Use spoiler tags if necessary. The major ones I know of are when certain characters die or reveal their true nature.
    Game threads - I'm okay with the limit of four games; please give it a useful game subject and put the word GAME in the subject.
    OR/VS. threads - They're fine here as long as they're either a poll or something worth discussing.
    If you would like trash a show or episode and want your content to stay around (My Opinion) - Use a review, don't insult or offend the viewers, and be specific to the episode you've seen. Cite what little you liked along with what bothered or offended you. No trashing of the entire show unless you've been forced to watch at least half of a season's worth, and can come up with some insightful criticism.

    FINALLY if you have any questions about any of this, just PM me. Even if some of these guidelines seem generic, I am not an automated machine, or a staff moderator, but just a volunteer who tries to have a life and enjoys making guides here.
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