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Animax Entertainment Premiered Apr 18, 1998 In Season





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  • My favorite anime besides Pokmon

    The music is beautiful, the characters are amazing, the races are awesome and the show is just outright awesome! 10/10!
  • This show started with a bang many years ago. I personally find it has gone rather downhill in Stage 4.

    I have been following this series for 7 years now.

    I was initially impressed at the CGI of the races. Even in its low-bidget form in Stage 1, the way the cars moved, the lines were fantastic.

    This novelty carried me forward until the end of Stage 3.

    There are unfortunately times where the story gets unbearably slow and with the end of school life and Natsuki, we seem to see *only* racing and nothing else. The side-plots with girls in general in this series seem rather weak and poorly written.

    The eurobeat music is fantastic and adds the excitement to the races. I remember re-watching episodes many times.

    To summerise all this, Initial D was something spectacular when it came out. It was 100% original and very innovative. However, with the *new* factor now no longer applicable, it has gone rather downhill, only appealing to hard-core drifters. It can no longer hide that the writing is not exactly tip-top, character development is very weak and one has to get tired of music after 7 years.

    Balancing this all that, I give this show a 9.0/10 which is "average" on to my understanding. It began life as a 9.6 and now it is hovering at 6-point-something.

    My personal "British University" scale...5.5/10.
  • Tak delivers Tofu for his dad while learning the tricks to the ultimate racer ,

    I really love this show, It takes some time getting into it. But once you do youre hooked. Tak is just a kid learning the skills he needs and drives an old AE86.
    With his friends, Mostly Iggy getting him involved in races but he has a true gift to racing which is very unusual and it really suppries the compation. Its gonna be interesting to see how it evolves
  • Takumi is an 18 year old who delivers tofu for his father in the mornings. He's thrusted into the world of downhill street races one night and from there it's all "downhill" pun intended. He goes from race to race becoming stronger. Will he ever lose?

    Now this score is for the japanese version which I have. The japanese version is far more superior than the english. The dubbed series is not that good, there are only a few standout voices on their and that mainly is just steve blum who voices keisuke or (KT) for those who\'ve only seen the dubbed versions. I love this series a lot and i\'m a real big car nut too. So it fills out both loves of animes and cars in one go. If you havn\'t seen this series before do so now, but be forewarned, the japanese versions are the ones to watch! Oh and in response to the person who said that the AE-86 is a hard car to find apparently isn't looking hard enough. There are plenty out on ebay, just make sure you get the trueno and not the levin!
  • Whoever thought delivering tofu could be such an adventure?

    Meet restaurant delivery driver Takumi Fujiwara. He strives to make every stop on time, despite the local hot-shots who try to run him off the road. By high school, he has a new line earning money as a gas pump jockey, but the competition on the road is even more fierce. Rival road-hog Keisuke Takahashi still doesn't like him, and votes with his feet--the one on the gas pedal. But Takumi, with his skills honed over the years, has more resources up his sleeve, and pulls to the 'finish line' first.

    Takumi discovers his driving talents will be in demand by friends and foes alike. He hits the drifting scene for real, armed with only his wits and his trusty Toyota 'Eight Six.'

    An exciting show with absorbing characters, 'Initial D' is a twist on the sci-fi-heavy anime environment. Real people could be doing these things.

    The quality of the art and the writing improve with every season. See it soon.
  • Even if your not an anime fan at all or even a car nut you should check out Initial D.

    Initial d is based in a town in japan where young people race down mountian courses at night in fast cars trying to prove who and what team is the better drifter in the region.

    When i first saw initial d advertise i wasn't at all interested to watch it even though i am an anime fan.

    But i was shocked the first time i saw an episode the first episode i saw was number 16 with no drift racing at all in the show but i was hooked.

    It may seem like an odd idea but initial d will not disapoint the charecters a lovable and interesting and it has the suspenses equal to dragon ball z.
  • AE-86, a popular car for any driver to have, but hard to get one's hands on.....this shows opens up my eyes to street racing in the animation world.

    Takumi is a quiet, out of touch student who recently got his liscense, on the outside. On the inside, hes been delivering tofu for his father since the 8th grade, a high class driver, and superior to any other driver on Mt. Akina. He's alread beat out a top driver.....who's next?
  • Due to his dad's intense reasons of not ruining the tofu by placing a cup of water in the cup holder and telling him as long as it does not spill the tofu will be alright when he brings it up hill to the Hotel that orders from them.

    We see Takumi grow from a boy with a talent in driving to a skilled driver who is now trying to perfect his driving skill to a point where he can beat anyone that comes his way. We begin the first statge where he keeps getting challenged and having to win.

    Second stage is where we see that there is other people besides the people that challenge him on akina.

    THrid stage he has to deal with love , the need to improve his skill and much more.

    Fourth he joins Project D and not really knowing whatit is about, but that he will improve as a driver and will be made into someone that can compete with the Pros. He puts his complete faith with Ryosuke, but does Project D have a diffrent motive.

    I found Initial D to be on of the best racing Animes out their. You can really get to know about things and for those that are intrested in cars and racing this is a most see since a lot of the races a based on actually racing.
  • Who's idea whas it to AMERICANIZE initial D????

    Who ever though of it should be SHOT!!! 1st off the names are way different and the dialog was changed. WTF! they should have kept the same names and the dialog! the imported dvds are ALOT better. tokeyopop should be killed. It is pointless to americanize Initial D. the racing and drifting isnt as big here as it is over on the other side od the world. tokeyopop should die
  • Initial D is about a 18 year old boy, Takumi, who is dragged into street racing after defeating one of the top drivers of the Akagi Red Suns. He then join with the Project D, hoping to become a better driver.

    Its probably one of the best anime about car racing(probably only one...). Initial D has really changed from Stage One to Fourth Stage (character/graphic-wise) Although I personally though Stage 2 was a waste, Fourth Stage really got me back into Initial D. Fourth Stage became more dramatic and exciting to watch
  • Drivers race downhill on a mountain pass for pride and glory.

    The first season is still the best, and is my favorite out of all the Initial D seasons because it was all about beating the odds and other overpowered cars using an outdated car and downhill drifting skills. But the series' atmosphere changed in the later seasons because the protagonist's car engine was replaced with a racing engine. Even with that change, the show kept some of its audience since it became more indept on the actual races, such as what skills are needed in a race and how a specific car behaves differently than other cars. Also, the animation quality has greatly improved on Season 4, Fourth Stage.
    I highly recommend the first season because of the plot. If people prefer a higher quality animation and deeper information about car racing, I suggest looking into the fourth season of this series. But you may still want to look into the whole series to keep up on the characters and its storyline.
  • Great in depicting street racing. It is not only a show, you can learn a great deal about racing and car tuning from closley listening in on the conversations. Unlike other movies/shows about racing it has a really involved storyline.

    Even though it is animated, and even though the characters and the realistic abilities of a human far exeed reality I love the show. It shows true sports car in its true form.

    It is not only for show, you can learn a great deal about racing and car tuning from closley listening in on the conversations. For example it speaks of how a 4 wheel drive car would react in a coners agianst the rear wheel drive car. Turbo vs. N/A, and what it all means to be a car enthuiest.

    Unlike other movies/shows about racing it has a really involved storyline. Yes the Fast and the Furious had a story but it was lame and nor did it ever spark any true interest in me on whats going on and what is going to happen. It suppence kills me though. I can never wait for the unleash of the new DVD batches.
  • INITIAL D KICKS MAJOR A$$! The above classification is a literal translation.

    Whether following Akina's downhill to Mt Usui's amazing drift corners, this show has a great story line packed with amazing battle scenes. The premise of this story is a young adolescent, Takumi Fujiwara, who learns to drive by delivering TOFU for his father. His dad warned him to drive very smoothly in order to protect the precious cargo. Smooth does not always mean slow... Over the years, Takumi perfected his driving ability to later compete and win against well acomplished street racers. He was destined to be AKINA's 86!

    If you are a car or racing buff who likes Anime, this is your show. The level of detail that they put into the automobiles is staggering. From the clutch pedal to the design of the engine, this show will surely entice the import crowd. With all the detail that is put into the cars, you might wonder whether the plotline holds up.

    Despite the focus of the show, there is a deep plotline that stems from the beginning. Included in this series is a story of passion, lost love, betrayal, and many other dramatic elements that shape the series. After watching the first season, you get a sense that there is more to these characters than their cars.

    Even though Initial D is isolated from the mainstream US Anime. This is a series that should not be overlooked. ...Especially for the import scene. Perhaps the Cartoon Network or the Speed Channel (Which carries the old speed racer series) should give this show another look. In the meantime, go visit your local rental store and pickup INITIAL D SECOND STAGE!