Initial D

Season 3 Episode 1

Sil-Eighty Extra Stage 1: Beyond the Impact Blue

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 2000 on Animax Entertainment



  • Trivia

    • Mako wears New Balance sneakers.

    • Sayuki's incoming ring tone on her cell is one of the theme songs in the series.

    • On Extra Stage, the license plate numbers are shown. Impact Blue's car license plate number is: 77 37-586

    • Dub: The Emperor guy tells Ren not to tell Hawk about their race with Impact Blue.
      Sub: The Emperor guy tells Ren not to tell Kyoichi (Sudoh) about their race with Impact Blue.

    • Although the sexual language was changed in the dub, the shower scene was not censored.

    • This stage takes place in Autumn before the snow season, after Impact Blue had raced the Eight-Six but before the Emperor Team had raced the Red Suns.

    • This episode reveals that Shingo and Sayuki were childhood friends and classmates.

    • Keeping it family friendly
      Dub: Maya tells Simone she was on the verge of falling in love with Cole. Simone looks shocked.
      Sub: Mako tells Sayuki she was on the verge of giving up her virginity. Sayuki looks shocked.

      Dub: After Simone stands up, Zack is stunned at her beauty, and says to himself, amazing, later repeating it to Shingo after she leaves.
      Sub: After Sayuki stands up, Takeshi is stunned at Sayuki's chest, and says to himself, bouncy, later repeating it to Shingo after she leaves.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • Japanese additional crew
      Planning: Ryuzo Shoji
      Recording Engineer: Fujio Yamada
      Effects: Kenji Koyama
      Assistant Recording Engineer: Shigeru Fujibayashi
      Assistant Effects: Reiji Matsumoto
      Color: Hitoshi Hibino
      Production Coordinator: Kunio Yamazaki
      Special Effects: Toshi Hasegawa
      Editing: Hiroteru Fukuyama
      Production Manager: Tomoaki Mera

      English Crew additional credits
      Packaging Design: Gary Shum

    • US Music:
      Initialize – DJ Milky and Benchanted
      When I was Young - lyrics and music by Supergarage / Marco Difflice / Mike Palmermo
      Blade and Flute Jam – written / produced by overture 6
      Latin Groove – written / produced by Hery Traxs Production
      Wasting Away – written / performed by Shannon Gray
      Turn U Out – performed by Tami, written by Tammy Reese and zeng
      Brand New Day – written / performed by Valerie Winters

      Japanese ending theme song
      NEXT - Performed by Michiko Neya and Yumi Kakazu.

    • Also known as: ACT.40: Beyond the Impact Blue

    • Extra stage
      Director: Shishi Yamaguchi
      Original Release: February 22, 2000
      JP DVD Release: March 22, 2001.
      US Release: November 8, 2005.

    • The Extra Stage OAV contains two episodes aired back-to-back for a duration of 56 minutes, which puts it at the same length as two regular episodes. Credits follow the second of the two episodes, and the stories are linked.

    • Takumi does not appear in the Extra Stage, not even in a flashback, although the Eight-Six does appear briefly.

    • Bridget Hoffman, who voices Maya in the English dub, is not officially credited in the Extra Stage.

  • Allusions

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