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Ink Master

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Ink Master is the Spike TV reality competition series where tattoo artists go head-to-head in a series of challenges. Hosted by Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo icons Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, Ink Master gathers some of the best tattoo artists for a competition in New York City with some big prizes on the line, a hundred thousand dollars and the title of Ink Master.

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AIRED ON 8/25/2015

Season 6 : Episode 9

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  • Good Ideas wasted on Egos!!

    People are coming on the show for a good tattoo but when the Artists start throwing out skulls to artist they hate, the people are walking out with shitty tattoos. This episode proved that and the previews to the next looks like everyone did another shitty tattoo.

    The rules need to change. After the skull challenge the Judges Rate the artist 1-10 then let them pick the canvas they want in that order. A challenge is still a challenge, saturation, Koi fish, realism, etc.

    The shows fuckin peoplemoreless
  • Joke for a so called show

    This show needs to get off the air asap no one canc tatoo except maybeone person but even that person fails an these poor people gotta be put in this show with quick craps shitty tatoos host take this joke of a show down.
  • Jamie from season 2

    Jamie lost to Sarah (who has been in that room more times then he has and who complained about everything) in the animal round because of the stickler hues judge who pointed out that he had no tattoos which shouldn't have mattered because he was an awesome tattoo artist. I stop watching the show after that
  • Bud--------josh------

    Season 5 sucked, bud is no reason to kick someone off. 420 friendly!!!!! American judges should be more. It should be about the tats,,,,

    its not a rehab show
  • Josh was the only worthwhile part of season 5 and the judging is bull

    Josh Hibbard is a skilled artist, he didnt let himself get dragged into the made up drama and every other artist talked shit about him season 3 and 5 because he was actually awesome, he had his ups and downs but was overall, a fantastic tattoo artist. When he was disqualified S05 EP11 I felt physically ill, totally ruined the show for me. Only watched season 4 with actual interest and thats cause the final line up of artists were amazing. Could kick the asses of the so-called pro tattoo artist judges any day. Out of Peck and Nunez, Nunez's portfolio is the most disappointing and when he took the absolute crap out of Kyle's work, Kyle had every right to snap, I would have. The show is just losing interest, I probably won't be watching anymore and after seeing season 5 there's no chance I'm dragging my friends into watching this horse crap. Art or not, this sucks.moreless

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