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Ink Master

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Ink Master is the Spike TV reality competition series where tattoo artists go head-to-head in a series of challenges. Hosted by Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo icons Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, Ink Master gathers some of the best tattoo artists for a competition in New York City with some big prizes on the line, a hundred thousand dollars and the title of Ink Master.

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AIRED ON 5/24/2016

Season 7 : Episode 13


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    • COME ON!!!

      The Kardashian Effect has reared it's nasty self onto another Master. The product is awesome as it is, without all of the phoney BS in order to create controversy and clicks. And, it's never more evident than ever when watching the Live Finale fights and bogus winners. Let's face it, Sausage and Matti are great at drawing lines of ink, but horrible at delivering lines of dialogue. No doubt, Anthony Michaels, was a sweet guy with mad skills, but, his tats didn't come close to Christian or Cleen. The show got what it wanted... as many people as possible tilting and throwing shade... Come On Navarro, tell Kim to get the F off your show. That's what we dig about you.moreless
    • Inconsistent judges

      Two years ago, Cleen Rock One lost in the finals due to the fact that he didn't meet the challenge. This was a tough way to lose, but fair. Then last night, he lost to someone who didn't meet the challenge! Bottom line is, this is a great show with some innovative challenges and amazing artists, but someone needs to enforce a modicum of consistency! The judges literally change their criteria from week-to-week and year-to-year. What happens the next time a finalist just chooses to ignore the challenge and do their own thing? Let them get away with it again? Go back to enforcing the rules? The judging is an inconsistent crap shoot, which is awful for any competition. It's too bad, because otherwise this show is fantastic.moreless
    • What a joke

      The fact that they let the fans decide who was the winner of $20,000 and got the first spot in the final 2 was a joke. They picked the unfinished and hard to read tattoo. This has turned into a popularity contest and a reality show. Disappointing...
    • Scamming the loyal watchers

      To me it seems that the judges are making decision for a reaction and to make it more drama than a real show. I think they make decisions who they pick just to get reaction. I really feel this season has been unfair and the ones they kept should have been eliminated and the ones that went home should have stayed. So is this really Ink Master or just another phony reality show?moreless
    • Matti was robbed

      matti's tattoo looked amazing besides the hair which could easily be fixed. Christians tattoo was horrible. In a year it will look like a blob of garbage. His "traditional eagle" wasn't even well done and i can't believe that the judges let that slide. i have the utmost respect for ollie peck and chris nunez and dave navarro but sometimes i think they let the pressure of the show get the best of them. Christian works for joe hamilton and sausage and i believe that they let that get into their heads. Basically Christian needs to go. he should have been eliminated. if he makes it one more week i will start to question the validity of ink master as a competition, because it seems more like a popularity contest. christians tattoo sucked and i would never wear it. and his big mouth and cockiness just pisses me off as a fan of the show. KICK HIM OFF!!! Clean Rock one should have won his season and better win this one. jay clay dunn did garbage tattoos all season and he won with a great tattoo. I happened to love it. but cleen rock ones tattoo blew it away, and just because it wasn't photo realism to the level that the judges expected didn't mean he should have lost the title of ink master. I personally would never get a tattoo from jay clay dunn because he is so inconsistent and he has no confidence or drive. thats not an ink master in my mind. Here is a little advice for the judges. when it comes down to the end, the report card matters. its called ink master. not who can do the best tattoo during ink master live. sorry for the angry comment and much love and respect to ollie chris and dave. I love the show and you guys rock.moreless

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