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Ink Master

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Ink Master is the Spike TV reality competition series where tattoo artists go head-to-head in a series of challenges. Hosted by Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo icons Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, Ink Master gathers some of the best tattoo artists for a competition in New York City with some big prizes on the line, a hundred thousand dollars and the title of Ink Master.

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AIRED ON 12/16/2014

Season 5 : Episode 16

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  • Are you high?

    The hands down best tattoo artist on their show was sent home for smoking pot? Are you high? He was the only artist that gave your show artistic integrity. Don't get me wrong, I personally thought he was an arrogant douche, but he was a talented tattoo artist nonetheless. That was a horrible decision made by out of touch executives that probably don't know the first thing about tattoos. Whoever "wins" this season will have done so by default. I've lost a lot of respect for this show and then other artists. A win by a technicality isn't a win.moreless
  • dorks

    Oliver peck is a clown with that stupid tooth pick
  • Crap Show

    Season 1 was the only decent season, after that it just fell off a cliff. When Jamie was eliminated that was bull shit! Just because a person doesn't have tattoos is so hypercritical, Double standard people! You guys lost my viewing of this crap.
  • Stink Master!

    I used to like this show. The tattoos are horrible this year though. Almost as horrible as the judge's wardrobe. It used to be only Dave Navarro that wore women's goth clothing and women's glasses. Now, the other two judge's are on the bus. It is like they got all the leftover clothing from hot topic and get bonuses for who can come up with the stupidest looking outfit! Plus the scripted fighting is extremely annoying. Most of the contestants are horrible artists! The only good artist got kicked off for smoking pot. WTF?!? They (the other contestants and judges) called him a cheater. How is smoking pot cheating? Is that why they all suck, cuz they are sober? Someone give them a bong hit before they ruin another person's appearance with a terrible tattoo please! Funny how the artists are always crying when it's the human canvases that should be crying!moreless
  • Really no pot for tattoo artists???

    the competition should be about the tattooing and not what the artists do on their time outside of the show. Bet the guys are drinking all the time but you can't get high? Tattoo artists? Seriously? Pot is legal in many states now and just ridiculous to send a guy home for that. He was one of the best ones there and everyone else was afraid of letting their work speak for them, chicken shits if you ask me. Lastly WTF is all the fighting and yelling all about? These people are ridiculous. I can't believe people speak to each other like that in the real world. I want to see great tattooing and learn about the art, not listen to stupid BS every episode. Just sayin... :)moreless

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