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Ink Master

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Ink Master is the Spike TV reality competition series where tattoo artists go head-to-head in a series of challenges. Hosted by Dave Navarro and judged by tattoo icons Chris Nunez and Oliver Peck, Ink Master gathers some of the best tattoo artists for a competition in New York City with some big prizes on the line, a hundred thousand dollars and the title of Ink Master.

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Season 4 : Episode 8

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  • Judges are excellent but reveal their own hubris!

    I couldn't believe the bashing they gave Tatu Baby in season three. It prompted me to look up Nunez's dragons to see what the hell the difference was between hers and his. I was astounded at the lack of skill Nunez's dragons had. Tatu baby's shading may have been a tad lazy but I would still want hers over Nunez's discombobulated mess. Peck is an excellent traditional (sailor) style tattooer but don't go to him when you want something inventive and definitely don't let him put animals or portraits on you. Season 4 contains at least three artist whose skills far surpass the judges on every level.

    My theory on why this is: the show needs judges whose studios can benefit from tv exposure. The best artists are so busy they can't stop their studios for the sake of reality show. They make way more money being operators. Anyway, thats my two sense. All that being said the show is awesome. I love seeing people's work. And props to the human canvases, best part of the show.moreless
  • Ashley, SERIOUSLY?!

    She handled this competition like my 2 year old reacts to me turning off his favorite show before he is done watching. YOU ARE TATTOOING HUMAN CANVASES!!! There is no way you went into this thinking they were not going to critique your work. That's how they pick the storing from the weak. Go get some anxiety help! You are too wound up!

  • Judging is dumb

    I like the show and just recently started watching and im already pissed at it not even done with the first season. I dont have a favorite person competing in season 3 but to let a man go home because he didnt have any tattoos is total bullshit. He was one of the few most consistent people on the show, and the other person who was consistently in the bottom got to stay another judges say one thing one week and bullshit someone else the other the week before jaime got canned you they sent someone home because he had the worse "report that same logic doesnt carry over after? I just started watching and im already like fuck this show. Im giving this a three because of the inconsistent judging...

  • Dingleberry!!!

    ROFLMAO!!! Thank you for the laughs girl!!!

    I don't believe Tatu Baby deserved to be in the end. She complained, wined and even tried to leave because ooooh it's too . She also is not a "great" artist as was said so many
  • mockery in judging is making this show a turd!

    season three is total garbage. the more i watch the more i don't understand the judges. They consistently contradict themselves and go against what they said in earlier critiques. I would just say they need a judge change-up. Hell keep Dave that's fine he is the face of the show, but get rid of the other two tools. They have become jaded on this show and you can tell over the past 3 seasons. get some real talent at the bench to tell these people what they need to hear. If there is a season 4 and they have the same people..... i'll still watch just too see the artwork but fuck the judging. don't care what those guys have to say... there opinion carries no weight to me at all and i don't even have tattoos.

    Giving it a three because there are some talented contestants putting out some solid work that is very good.moreless

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