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  • Judges are excellent but reveal their own hubris!

    I couldn't believe the bashing they gave Tatu Baby in season three. It prompted me to look up Nunez's dragons to see what the hell the difference was between hers and his. I was astounded at the lack of skill Nunez's dragons had. Tatu baby's shading may have been a tad lazy but I would still want hers over Nunez's discombobulated mess. Peck is an excellent traditional (sailor) style tattooer but don't go to him when you want something inventive and definitely don't let him put animals or portraits on you. Season 4 contains at least three artist whose skills far surpass the judges on every level.

    My theory on why this is: the show needs judges whose studios can benefit from tv exposure. The best artists are so busy they can't stop their studios for the sake of reality show. They make way more money being operators. Anyway, thats my two sense. All that being said the show is awesome. I love seeing people's work. And props to the human canvases, best part of the show.
  • Ashley, SERIOUSLY?!

    She handled this competition like my 2 year old reacts to me turning off his favorite show before he is done watching. YOU ARE TATTOOING HUMAN CANVASES!!! There is no way you went into this thinking they were not going to critique your work. That's how they pick the storing from the weak. Go get some anxiety help! You are too wound up!

  • Judging is dumb

    I like the show and just recently started watching and im already pissed at it not even done with the first season. I dont have a favorite person competing in season 3 but to let a man go home because he didnt have any tattoos is total bullshit. He was one of the few most consistent people on the show, and the other person who was consistently in the bottom got to stay another judges say one thing one week and bullshit someone else the other the week before jaime got canned you they sent someone home because he had the worse "report that same logic doesnt carry over after? I just started watching and im already like fuck this show. Im giving this a three because of the inconsistent judging...

  • Dingleberry!!!

    ROFLMAO!!! Thank you for the laughs girl!!!

    I don't believe Tatu Baby deserved to be in the end. She complained, wined and even tried to leave because ooooh it's too . She also is not a "great" artist as was said so many
  • mockery in judging is making this show a turd!

    season three is total garbage. the more i watch the more i don't understand the judges. They consistently contradict themselves and go against what they said in earlier critiques. I would just say they need a judge change-up. Hell keep Dave that's fine he is the face of the show, but get rid of the other two tools. They have become jaded on this show and you can tell over the past 3 seasons. get some real talent at the bench to tell these people what they need to hear. If there is a season 4 and they have the same people..... i'll still watch just too see the artwork but fuck the judging. don't care what those guys have to say... there opinion carries no weight to me at all and i don't even have tattoos.

    Giving it a three because there are some talented contestants putting out some solid work that is very good.
  • Judge Bias

    I have to say after tonight's episode I will stop watching this show even though I have never missed a episode. Chris Nunez continued bias for Tatu Baby reminds me of Don King in boxing fixing fights. This was about as bad as when last season a contestant was kicked off just because he did not have any tattoos and Chris backed that vote. I do not understand Chris Nunez infatuation with Tatu Baby she has been given so many chances and was voted off last season. If anyone should of came back last season it would of been Jesse Smith who somehow was eliminated early. I do understand that this is TV and its about ratings and I am sure Tatu Baby gets great ratings but it is a competition for these individuals to earn 100K based on there technical skill. Chris's statement that he will not let anyone continue with out better artistic ability is shameful as it was last year when they sent someone home because he had no Tattoos. Oliver and Dave I feel have been fair judges all 3 season but wow Chris disappointing. Even the Human Canvas picked Tatu Baby and you ripped on Joey and Josh's Tattoo to pull away from the fact she is a horrible technical skill drawing clean art that is anatomically correct and applying it to skin. To be honest the final 3 should of been Craig, Joey, Jime. But Craig even though one of the best was a quite individual that I am sure did not draw the best ratings but was one of the best artists. If Craig was a asshole and treated everyone poorly or had attractive looks like Tatu Baby he would be in the final 3.

    This is season 2 all over again where the best tattoo artist did not even make the final 3. Only in season one did the best 3 artist actually make it to the finally. And truthfully season 1 all 3 of the finalists have been better then anyone on season 2 or 3. The talent level from season 1 was by far the best and the Judges had no Bias in season 1. But I can not continue to watch a show where it is a skilled competition and people are judged by how much the judge likes or dislikes them. Last week Kyle should of went home. Why? Because the judges had mixed feelings just like this week and the human canvases picked Kyle not Jason who was let go. Just like today the Judges had a tie and the Human Canvass saw Tatu Babys once again poor anatomy and yet she got a pass on bias judging from Chris Nunez. Chris should really apologize from this to Josh and to season 2 contestant Jamie for taking away a 100K chance from them or they should just replace him next season with a Judge that can be non bias.
  • Chris Nunez

    yah I agree and after the last five I now hate Chris Nunez. He needs to stop judging on tattoo baby's tits and ass and judge fairly and the shit he said about that leopard gecko holy shit he must not know what one looks like and if any judges read this that zombie tat was the worst, you dumb asses but Chris you are no longer a good tattoo artist if you truly believe all that shit you said, but now they are turning all good shows in to drama so it could just be that but if that's it then if was Chris I would just stop that show because they are making you look like a dumb ass and are making you sound like you have no idea what you are talking about ether way you suck.
  • how can some one suggest a idea for the show

    how can some one suggest a idea for the show
  • judges??

    I remember being excited when the first season came out anxiously waiting every week for the new episodes. The only thing that kept me a fan of the show were the amazing artists like Shane, Josh and Bili. What made me stop watching after, honestly were the judges. Judges?!! Seriously?!!

    Who is Dave Navarro and how did he deserve to be the host/judge??! A washed up guitarist with shitty tattoos just looking for the next gig. IF he had tattoos done by real talented artist, then I'd give him a past as a tattoo collector, but he's there a rockstar and tattoos are .___. Atleast he's not doing dating shows and pimpin RVs like Bret Michaels.

    Chris Nuez who although is a tattoo face it, is just there because he was on Miami Ink. Just another tattoo artist that became known thanks to television and not his tattoos. Check hisbwork on his IG and compare it with some of the artists that compete on the show and you be the judge. He criticizes artists that he can never touch or come close on him. He needs to up his game and then maybe he can bash others, until to his clothing line.

    I'm not go into it about Oliver he sleep and eat with that damn toothpick in his mouth? Another artist that needs to up his but hes does only oldschool stuff.

    Me as an artist if were to compete on that show or any competition would like judges that I respect and look up in the tattoo industry. Not people who were put there because tv made because they "look good" on the show.

    I'll stick to watching Best Ink.
  • judges start being fair and honest ffs

    Im a Canadian man and have watched Ink Master from day #1 and I usually enjoy the show and typically agree with the judges. This year is starting to drive me nutty though. I have always been a Tatu Baby fan but now I find myself just being disappointed with the unfair judging. Its too clear that Baby is gonna be in the final episode because the judges want her to be there.

    What i liked about this show was how the judges were always strait and honest with their reviews. What we have the old judges back?....

    Ink Master judges please smarten up and keep this show legitimate

    We all know Tatu Baby shouldn't be there

    I have been a loyal Inkmaster follower for a number of years. I have to say I am disappointed with resent events on the show. Craig had shown to be one of the most talented artists this season with one weak area. Each artist, every year, has shown strengths and weaknesses and have shown the ability to work through their weaknesses.

    The last elimination was unbelievable.... Josh contiues to create sub par work and he continues to miss the cut. It would appear that Josh is being kept on by the judges for other reasons are beyond the actual competition... and are impacting the credibility of the show...

    The judges need to be above choosing favorites and just be able to call them as they see them... Last season a contestant was eliminated due to the fact that he did not have a tatoo does this fact have to do with the artists talent? The judges need to step up their game! (I am certain they will claim he was eliminated for other how it played out)

    Disappointed fan
  • Judges suck

    Stopped watching the show because the judges are dumb as shit. I don't have to explain myself further.
  • Judges suck

    I love this show, except for the judges. They literally talk like they have no idea what tattooing is about, yet they do know what tattooing is about, so I don't know what is up with them. Maybe they have to say certain things in order to convey the point of the competition, but they just come off sounding dumb. In my opinion, the judges are not even needed on a show like this. The only thing that matters about a tattoo is what the canvas thinks. If the person getting the tattoo, likes the tattoo, then its a good tattoo. Period.
  • Contestants vs. Judges

    I love the artists. I love watching their work, seeing how creative they get and watching them make great pieces. What I despise is the judges. Their blatant prejudice towards contestants and their biased and unfair judging drives me up the wall. Who are they to judge a person because they don't have tattoos? I feel like they're all just making lousy calls, ignoring what's in front of them and lashing out when it's unnecessary. They blame the artists for not being able to control their canvases but HELLO? They're HUMAN canvases, not objects. If they made up their mind about a tattoo, the contestants can't sway them if they don't want to. They can't control if a contestant gets nauseous or if they get ill. The judges don't see anything. They make bad calls, they choose favourites and they're all around lousy and prejudiced assholes. They're horrible. The show is great to watch the contestants, but I'm never watching this again because the judges suck ass.
  • Celebrity

    It would be great if there was a celebrity season. So like you could have Kat Von D in it :)))
  • Oliver Peck is a great tattoo artist but a lousy judge

    I've been watching Ink master for a while now. I'm so impressed with the creativity that these artists display on a daily basis. What I can't stand though is the inconsistent judging from Oliver Peck. His favoritism REEKS toward certain artists. Episode #6 ( Half Naked and Fully Loaded) was a case in point, his favoritism of Mark Matthews over Lalo Yunda was shameful. Even Chris Nunez couldn't wrap his head around Oliver's decision. Meanwhile Mark Matthews gets to stick around to BUTCHER another customer. I think Oliver should stick to tattooing and perhaps leave the judging to ones less bias and don't have there own agenda.

    I love the show, but Oliver's judging bother me exceedingly.

  • Why did they send him home last night!!!

    Sarah should of went home. That's so stupid that they sent a good artist home because he didn't have any tattoos maybe he don't want to be stereotyped and that's exactly what they did they made me not even want ro watch it anymore I agree with disappointed! He has never been in the bottom yet they send him home and keep the crazy bitch I feel like sarah should of left a long time ago! Hope they read this
  • disappointed

    Jamie should have never been cut. Totally unfair! He was never in the bottom and that psycho chic is almost always there. They cut him because he doesn't have any tattooed. So wrong! Is a surgeon judged by how many times he's been under the knife himself? No!!

    I don't even know if I can continue watching the show now. What a joke.

  • I've just lost tremendous respect for this show

    Look, I enjoy watching the tattoo's being done, I enjoy seeing the tattoo artists work and I've been watching this show from the beginning so the premise is fine. My problem is with the judging, especially in this last episode. Who are the judges to tell a tattoo artist what he should do with his body? There is no "tattoo artist code" that you have to get a tattoo, and when the judges insulted Jamie for not having tattoo's I was calling out blatant prejudice. They aren't judging fairly, they are shaming based on his life choices rather than the work he has done over the show and that's bs. Those judges are jokes and disgraces to the tattoo industry and from now on if I was on this show I wouldn't care what they had to say because their opinion holds no weight anymore.
  • How to.

    I would love to be tattooed on the show. How do I get on the list??? My email is please let me know!!!

    I love the ink master show, my problem is with the judging, what dave and the other judges do before judging the tats is look and listen to what happens before the tat gets done, if the client is being a dick like allot of them where in the first season and the contestants messed up because of idiot clients. I don't care if it is a competition good work can't be rushed dave should know that, he wrote good music that took time if you go to a tattoo studio and get a complete head tat it will take more than five hours, the show should not have people ask for tats that take longer than the allotted time the contestants have plus the time should start only when the artist starts his work.
  • Ink master

    Today , I have seen the showthe first time and I Must say , I'm very , very pleased with this show.. The judges where awesome to tell and show us where the mistakes where. I feel sorry for the canvases because the pictures are permanent and they can't fix it.
  • how do i volunteer

    I love tattoo's how do I become a human canvas? It would be my pleasure :-) let me know
  • Disappointed at Finale

    I watched the whole entire series, and rewatched several of the episodes throughout. I was sure Tommy was going to be Ink Master. Seemed like Shane had the deck stacked from the beginning and appeared to be the only one who wasn't judged harshly for doing his own thing....Tommy rocked his 6 and 12 hour was obvious he gained momentum and learned throughout the whole competition. I'll watch another round, but suggest the judges establish a better set of critic guidelines and have some level of commonality.
  • how to get on the show for the tats

    i have been watchin, and they said enter on our site to recieve tats.I would love to be on the show anytime to get a free tat ..My email is so please pic me i do have a few tats so a new one from your pics would be greattt..

    Amazing that they start with a really hard challenge like cover ups, then step backwards to lines, shading, color. Whaaa??? Telling Tommy "Nice restraint," during a flash challenge. Whaaa??? How were these competitors chosen? SPIKE won't tell ya! How about this show with Boothe, Tuttle, Aitchison, Cook, etc.? Of course if that was the competitor list who would judge?

    Just like at a competition, I think I enjoy seeing the end results just to see them. I completely agree with the WHAT A JOKE! post! Spike TV is currently looking for new canvases for the next season. The general comment here is, "Ah NO!"

  • What a joke!

    You have Dave " I'm not a tattoo artist" Navarro judging. Judging by the ink he has on him he is the last one I would ask an opinion of for a Tat. The idea that the artists are judged on a tattoo they have to complete in a certain amount of time is beyond ridiculous. The idea is to show who the "Ink Master" is? The best of the best? Do the best tattoo artists give themselves rushed time limits to do their work? How can an artist do their best work when they have someone behind them yelling 30 minutes left?

    The only thing more ridiculous than the show format is the fact that they can actually find people dumb enough to get a tattoo under these time constraints. What kind of moron wants a tattoo that the artist has to rush to complete?

    With the exception of the one artist that gets to pick their "canvas", all the other artists get stuck with whatever person draws their name. So, the artist has to create a tattoo that the person chooses and has to complete it in a certain time frame. Not all tattoo's are of equal difficulty and every show has artists pleading with their canvas that the art they are choosing either can not be completed in the amount of time given or will not look right where they want to put it. So far, every canvas has been unyielding in what they want and where they want it forcing the artist to sacrifice quality for size. Once again, who are the bigger idiots, the show designers or the people getting the tattoos under these conditions?
  • Nice reality tv I can watch

    I think that the show has shown us a few good artist. I would like to see Tommy take the title for this one.With this show being on ink masters, I feel that Tommy is the one that has shown skills in all areas so far and one of the few that has not been shown bitchin about the clients, or the rules, or the judging. I wish I could have the quality of work that these artist have produced. Not all have had their chance to shine but I think they all have a lot going for themselves. Any one know how to become a canvas for the next season?
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