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  • COME ON!!!

    The Kardashian Effect has reared it's nasty self onto another Master. The product is awesome as it is, without all of the phoney BS in order to create controversy and clicks. And, it's never more evident than ever when watching the Live Finale fights and bogus winners. Let's face it, Sausage and Matti are great at drawing lines of ink, but horrible at delivering lines of dialogue. No doubt, Anthony Michaels, was a sweet guy with mad skills, but, his tats didn't come close to Christian or Cleen. The show got what it wanted... as many people as possible tilting and throwing shade... Come On Navarro, tell Kim to get the F off your show. That's what we dig about you.
  • Inconsistent judges

    Two years ago, Cleen Rock One lost in the finals due to the fact that he didn't meet the challenge. This was a tough way to lose, but fair. Then last night, he lost to someone who didn't meet the challenge! Bottom line is, this is a great show with some innovative challenges and amazing artists, but someone needs to enforce a modicum of consistency! The judges literally change their criteria from week-to-week and year-to-year. What happens the next time a finalist just chooses to ignore the challenge and do their own thing? Let them get away with it again? Go back to enforcing the rules? The judging is an inconsistent crap shoot, which is awful for any competition. It's too bad, because otherwise this show is fantastic.
  • What a joke

    The fact that they let the fans decide who was the winner of $20,000 and got the first spot in the final 2 was a joke. They picked the unfinished and hard to read tattoo. This has turned into a popularity contest and a reality show. Disappointing...
  • Scamming the loyal watchers

    To me it seems that the judges are making decision for a reaction and to make it more drama than a real show. I think they make decisions who they pick just to get reaction. I really feel this season has been unfair and the ones they kept should have been eliminated and the ones that went home should have stayed. So is this really Ink Master or just another phony reality show?
  • Matti was robbed

    matti's tattoo looked amazing besides the hair which could easily be fixed. Christians tattoo was horrible. In a year it will look like a blob of garbage. His "traditional eagle" wasn't even well done and i can't believe that the judges let that slide. i have the utmost respect for ollie peck and chris nunez and dave navarro but sometimes i think they let the pressure of the show get the best of them. Christian works for joe hamilton and sausage and i believe that they let that get into their heads. Basically Christian needs to go. he should have been eliminated. if he makes it one more week i will start to question the validity of ink master as a competition, because it seems more like a popularity contest. christians tattoo sucked and i would never wear it. and his big mouth and cockiness just pisses me off as a fan of the show. KICK HIM OFF!!! Clean Rock one should have won his season and better win this one. jay clay dunn did garbage tattoos all season and he won with a great tattoo. I happened to love it. but cleen rock ones tattoo blew it away, and just because it wasn't photo realism to the level that the judges expected didn't mean he should have lost the title of ink master. I personally would never get a tattoo from jay clay dunn because he is so inconsistent and he has no confidence or drive. thats not an ink master in my mind. Here is a little advice for the judges. when it comes down to the end, the report card matters. its called ink master. not who can do the best tattoo during ink master live. sorry for the angry comment and much love and respect to ollie chris and dave. I love the show and you guys rock.
  • Sexist garbage

    This show is absolutely repulsive and I'll never watch it again. On the finale there was absolutely no reason for the female canvases to be showing their naked backside, they should have been covered past the tattoo. This show exists just as an excuse to objectify women, absolutely disgusting.
  • Time to bring truly inspiring female canvases and not just hot girls.

    Its 2015. As a woman, while I like watching the competitive nature of Ink Master, the continual objectification of women on the show is really distasteful. You bring male athletes and men who perform and have some kind of contribution beyond their looks. Ive only ever seen you bring women into the show who are mostly naked and beautiful. Where's the substance? This is a human competition. Men and women BOTH showing up to show their prowess. Its time to get beyond the over simplification of sex selling and move beyond the continual over-objectification of the women you present. What exactly would happen if you brought male strippers onto the show to be paraded around and then guys would freak. But the women participants are supposed to just roll with the guys acting like monkeys in front of naked girls and pretend its all ok. Its time to really look at what you are choosing to show your audience your values are. Give us some hot and sexy BRAINIAC ladies. Just saying.
  • Real Ink Master Results

    Season 6 ink master winner Chris, runner up Matt and loser was Krusseman, but of course the betting odds on the actual true result meant people wouldn't win big money so lets give the trophy to the last place contestant with the best odds for a bigger payout. Try telling me this didn't happen and then watch season 6 which PROVES it did.
  • Are we fighting a war or watching a TV show?

    I watched this program twice and I felt like I was in a war zone. Concurrently, I was watching the Great British Baking Show, where the judges act like human beings and actually create a great environment for the bakers to work in. In other words, they're nice people. These Ink Master people seem angry all the time. Everything is done in an almost militaristic fashion, with this guy standing at attention like a prison guard, next to the person who is revealing his/her tattoo. It was all really unpleasant to watch. Why so much nastiness? Why not a little softness and humor. It's so gung ho, competition is a kill or be killed situation. I hated it.
  • Ink master is a joke and rigged

    Every year they choose the worst person to "win". Tommy Helm with season 1 did everything and they gave it to the guy that only does black and white. Then they robbed cleen rock one and josh hibbard. Now they give the title to Kruseman who can't even do portraits and yet the show is called ink master. This show is a joke and hope they get pulled from the air cause their stupid decisions are beyond forgiveness. Goodbye ink master. You suck donkey balls
  • Good Ideas wasted on Egos!!

    People are coming on the show for a good tattoo but when the Artists start throwing out skulls to artist they hate, the people are walking out with shitty tattoos. This episode proved that and the previews to the next looks like everyone did another shitty tattoo.

    The rules need to change. After the skull challenge the Judges Rate the artist 1-10 then let them pick the canvas they want in that order. A challenge is still a challenge, saturation, Koi fish, realism, etc.

    The shows fuckin people
  • Joke for a so called show

    This show needs to get off the air asap no one canc tatoo except maybeone person but even that person fails an these poor people gotta be put in this show with quick craps shitty tatoos host take this joke of a show down.
  • Jamie from season 2

    Jamie lost to Sarah (who has been in that room more times then he has and who complained about everything) in the animal round because of the stickler hues judge who pointed out that he had no tattoos which shouldn't have mattered because he was an awesome tattoo artist. I stop watching the show after that
  • Bud--------josh------

    Season 5 sucked, bud is no reason to kick someone off. 420 friendly!!!!! American judges should be more. It should be about the tats,,,,

    its not a rehab show
  • Josh was the only worthwhile part of season 5 and the judging is bull

    Josh Hibbard is a skilled artist, he didnt let himself get dragged into the made up drama and every other artist talked shit about him season 3 and 5 because he was actually awesome, he had his ups and downs but was overall, a fantastic tattoo artist. When he was disqualified S05 EP11 I felt physically ill, totally ruined the show for me. Only watched season 4 with actual interest and thats cause the final line up of artists were amazing. Could kick the asses of the so-called pro tattoo artist judges any day. Out of Peck and Nunez, Nunez's portfolio is the most disappointing and when he took the absolute crap out of Kyle's work, Kyle had every right to snap, I would have. The show is just losing interest, I probably won't be watching anymore and after seeing season 5 there's no chance I'm dragging my friends into watching this horse crap. Art or not, this sucks.
  • Bad Tattoos

    What happens to the canvasses that get bad tattoos? Who corrects them?

    I can deal with Dave but oliver peck is beyond annoying and if you look into his work it's really not all of that. And can someone get that damn stick our of his mouth? He annoys the hell out of me. And they judge WAY too hard!! These tattos is 4 and 6 hours?? I just wish they would lighten up. I recall the other judge saying don't waste mine or your time! You get paid to do this so shut the fuck up. Annoying annoying annoying!!!
  • "Now they're toying with how i make a living"

    Im sorry but i lost it right there. What the actual hell??? I hate how immature this show is. Like why would you give crappy tattoo artists your "special" guitars that are "really expensive"?????? Honestly what did you think would happen? And most of the people need to get their crap together. No one cares about what you have to say and how amazing you think you are! Im talking to you Sarah.. Just nod your head, listen to what they have to say, and move on with your life and make sick ass tattoos!
  • Poor choices

    I stopped watching the show. When sausage lost it was all downhill from there!
  • josh shouldnt have went home.

    i straight lost respect for EVERY artist on season five. your all mad just because josh smoking a little pot. wow, i bet you Jason takes something for his anxiety, but josh cant smoke a little pot. the show is about TATTOOING not about what people do in there personal lives. whoever wins, shouldn't deserve the title of ink master, because josh is the REAL ink master. Josh, you go bro! Everyone know that you are the REAL ink master.
  • Really no pot for tattoo artists???

    the competition should be about the tattooing and not what the artists do on their time outside of the show. Bet the guys are drinking all the time but you can't get high? Tattoo artists? Seriously? Pot is legal in many states now and just ridiculous to send a guy home for that. He was one of the best ones there and everyone else was afraid of letting their work speak for them, chicken shits if you ask me. Lastly WTF is all the fighting and yelling all about? These people are ridiculous. I can't believe people speak to each other like that in the real world. I want to see great tattooing and learn about the art, not listen to stupid BS every episode. Just sayin... :)
  • Are you high?

    The hands down best tattoo artist on their show was sent home for smoking pot? Are you high? He was the only artist that gave your show artistic integrity. Don't get me wrong, I personally thought he was an arrogant douche, but he was a talented tattoo artist nonetheless. That was a horrible decision made by out of touch executives that probably don't know the first thing about tattoos. Whoever "wins" this season will have done so by default. I've lost a lot of respect for this show and then other artists. A win by a technicality isn't a win.
  • dorks

    Oliver peck is a clown with that stupid tooth pick
  • Crap Show

    Season 1 was the only decent season, after that it just fell off a cliff. When Jamie was eliminated that was bull shit! Just because a person doesn't have tattoos is so hypercritical, Double standard people! You guys lost my viewing of this crap.
  • Stink Master!

    I used to like this show. The tattoos are horrible this year though. Almost as horrible as the judge's wardrobe. It used to be only Dave Navarro that wore women's goth clothing and women's glasses. Now, the other two judge's are on the bus. It is like they got all the leftover clothing from hot topic and get bonuses for who can come up with the stupidest looking outfit! Plus the scripted fighting is extremely annoying. Most of the contestants are horrible artists! The only good artist got kicked off for smoking pot. WTF?!? They (the other contestants and judges) called him a cheater. How is smoking pot cheating? Is that why they all suck, cuz they are sober? Someone give them a bong hit before they ruin another person's appearance with a terrible tattoo please! Funny how the artists are always crying when it's the human canvases that should be crying!
  • Eh...

    It's a fun show, always has been, however, it's getting very scripted. It used to be about able artists, putting out gorgeous creations for the world to 'awe' at, but now, it's just scripted drama and fights. Also, the judges are WAY off base with their critiques. I still can't get over the shock of seeing one of those two brothers go home for the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE owl. And then from that on, I noticed the judges were really just picking favorites, regardless of actual artwork. weird now :/
  • From a good show to wath is wrong with every reality show out there.

    Ink master started as a nice tattoos show, enterteining and a good showcase of artists that can do more than just tattoos.

    This fifth season is ridicusly bad, it's like they decide to take the normal reality show approach and added scripted drama and fights. People are watching this show to see nice artist doing great tattoos and artistics challanges.

    It's a kinda of reality show and it's normal that a lot of stuff are scripted but this season is just right on your face fake.

  • Too much drama not enough tattoos

    I love the art of tattooing & the creativity some people have. The show has become like the WWE of tattooing. Fake fights, judging based on who they like over what tattoo is better. Making them do things that would never happen in a tattoo shop, like 3 people tattooing at once. I want to see a show that is about the actual competition of tattooing not drama that comes off as so fake. Everyone wants to be the villain to gain attention. The artist on Best Ink & Epic Ink are more worthy.
  • Scripted Crap

    This show is worthless. While I don't mind some drama, this mess is obviously scripted... badly. What a shame, because I love artistic shows no matter what they are - fashion design, cooking etc. Instead of focusing on the talent of artists, the producers have decided to cheapen the premise with fake fights. All of the characters (I refuse to call them artists) are unlikeable, and the in your face arguments are downright annoying. DONE with this show, buh-bye.
  • Not feeling season 5

    This show started out so good, and how has turned into all the other lame ass reality shows! It only took the first episode of season 5 and I can already tell that it's scripted! While it is natural for people to not always see eye to eye.... but the first damn show their already getting in each others face and trying to fist fight! The producers need to watch season one and get back to what the people want to see!!! Not this I now have a new open slot on my DVR!!
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