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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Symbolic Ink
      Episode 20
      Carmelo Anthony from the Denver Nuggets gets a tattoo on his back from Jerome.
    • Family First
      Episode 19
      A lot of famous people stop by the shop in this episode. Two member of the band "SevenDust," John and Morgan, stop by to get honorable tattooes. Pro Skateboarder Jason Ellis gets a tattoo in honor of the way he has changed his life around. And Clark's human canvas comes back in for more work to be done.moreless
    • Honor & Respect
      Episode 18
      A man gets a tattoo to honor his disabled son and his courage. A woman gets a tattoo of the family pet that ended up saving her mother's life that was threatened by a serial killer.
    • New Beginnings
      Episode 17
      What better way to symbolize a new fresh start and beginning than with permanent ink. A woman gets a tattoo to remind her of her difficult divorce, but to also remind her of her new start. After a bad run in with the law, a man gets a new tattoo to honor the way his life has changed since.moreless
    • Crossing The Line
      Episode 16
      Dizzle pushed Twig too far this time and things change.
    • Always in Fashion
      Episode 15
      The new merchandise is out for the shop and Carey wants to throw a fashion show to show it out.
    • Surf & Murph
      Episode 14
      Casey and Murph travel to Hawaii to close the deal on opening a shop there. Murph is more interested in the beaches and the girls than the reason why he is there. Casey's limited are tested.
    • Mud, Sweat & Tears
      Episode 13
      Katie has a major crush on Dizzle so she challenges him to a mud pit wrestling match to break the ice. She will do whatever it takes for him to notice her and win his heart.
    • Dress for Success
      Episode 12
      Mack Murph gets his first tattoo with a lot of fuss. Carey decides to have all the helpers and receptionist in the shop to wear a uniform. Once the uniforms are delivered things get crazy.
    • Tat and Rap
      Episode 11
      Dizzle thinks that he is a rapper and must prove it in order for the guys at the shop to stop calling him by his given name, Josh, and start calling him Dizzle again. Carey sets Dizzle up with Big B to see what he's really made of.
    • The Hot Seat
      Episode 10
      Carey leaves it up to the boys at the shop to put together a murderball team. but no one seems to be interested in playing basketball in wheelchairs. Carey starts a new adventure as he is in his first super-moto race.
    • Jumping the Gun
      Episode 9
      Carey and Big B give Dizzle a new set of wheels. Lily needs to raise money so she can get her own equipment. She needs to sell her beloved art work in order to raise the money but she is having a hard time letting go.
    • 6/28/06
      Carey plays in a celebrity poker tournament with people like Jenny McCarthy and Jose Canseco. Clark does a tattoo for a head of the local Habitat for Humanity. Clark volunteers himself and his kids to help build a house so that he can bond with them.
    • 6/21/06
      Big B is kept too long running errands for Carey, that he is late for his own show and now he wants revenge. Rose and Dizzle compete to see who can sell the most posters at the shop.
    • 6/14/06
      Clark thinks that Dizzle needs to toughin up to become a tattoo artist, so he takes him to where he learned how to tattoo. The hardcore old school boys from LA teach Dizzle a thing or two. Jerome is asked by a client to engrave his mother's grave with a memorial tattoo.moreless
    • Murphy's Law
      Episode 5
      The new General Manager struggles to get the new on-line webstore up and running. Jesse sends Dizzle on a mission to find Sylvester Stallone.
    • 5/31/06
      H & H hires another new receptionist named Jenn. She is the 26th receptionist that they have had in only two years. The crew soon wonders if they made a bad choose and if they should hunt for number 27.
    • Basket Case
      Episode 3
      Tattoo artists Joey & Jesse both via for the attentions of Jenn the new receptionist. The receptionists stage a covert operations to discover exactly what happens at the mysterious warehouse.
    • 5/17/06
      Dizzle needs to find a date for the H & H company party. He has his eye on a hair stylist across from his store but she is showing no interest. Lily decides to help Dizzle out and places an ad for him on myspace. Someone responds to the ad and says that she will go, but Dizzle must meet her parents first. Her parents are both Pastors and really don't like Dizzle, but he impresses them enough to get the girl out the door and to the party.moreless
    • 5/10/06
      Carey thinks that the shop is growing so fast that he needs more help. He hires Jenn Dabb, the new receptionist that the guy are falling all over and Joey Hamilton. Joey has to go through some bumpy roads to get the job.
  • Season 1