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  • The Original tattoo shop show.

    Great! Love Cory Hart.
  • This show is great

    Did they cancell this or something?? It's never on anymore, and it bugs me!! I want it back! I like this show and Maimi ink, but I think i like this one better. I like Dizzle and his personality. ha ha ha ha ha. DIZZLE!! lol. I liked the whole atmosphere on the show, and how it's in a casino. I myself, have visited the tattoo shop before, when I was in Vegas last July. It was pretty cool, it was small on the inside, but it looked pretty much like it did on tv. Ok, I heard the show was cancelled! not fair! I want it back!!
  • A group of tattoo artists who work at the Hart&Huntington tattoo shop.

    At first, I thought, "who would watch a show about a tattoo shop???" Then when I got a chance to watch it, I really liked it.
    I was really amazed by how hard the people at the tattoo shop worked( although some did slack off..)
    Most of all, the tattoo artists were amazing..!
    They tattooed clients fast, but did such a great job making all the tattoos come alive!
    I really enjoy watching the struggles going in the shop, but also the fun times that everyone has in the shop!
  • got ink??

    Filmed in Vegas at Hart and Huntington this show follows people who are there from all over to get ink. There is a pre-interview as to what tattoo the person wants done, where and why. Then it shows them getting the tattoo, complete with the looks of pain that some have. Lat there is another interview about how they feel about the art. The show also follows the lives of the artists and shop workers (which gives some comedy to the seriousness of why a lot of people get ink – there are a lot of tribute tattoos out there.) So I have a personal bias towards this show as I live in Vegas and went to H&H for some ink of my own (I had actually never even heard of the show until they explained it to me and asked me if I would be filmed). Then I started watching it religiously (too bad I never got my 15 minutes.)
  • I love watching your show because I love the little family crew. That is one thing I believe you need to have and friends you can count on. I like how you make the show worth watching and how you always keep everyone on there toes.

    I love watching the show inked because one day I will be a tattoo artist and hopefully I would be able to work with a solid crew / family that you can rely on. I love how you keep people on there toes and crew members on there toes.
    From what I've seen you have fun and have a solid plan.I love the show and I tell my friends to watch. Maybe one day I'll apply to work for you. I absolutley Love Dizzle!!!!!!!! Im having my friend make me a shirt that says" Can I be your girlfriend Dizzle?

  • Bunch of guys in a tatoo parlor having fun.

    This is the tatoo show I like alot! I mainly like the guys! Whoo they are cute! I like the first few episodes where that one dude was learning and they made him give himself a tatoo! Ha ha ha! That was funny! And I realized I like documetrary stuff. That was spelled really wrong, sorry. But I like seeing how people live and how they do things! This show shows just that and in a cool enviorment! And some of the things they have to do is halarious! Like when that one guy wanted a tatoo on his butt, but they had to shave it first! Ha ha ha!
  • The Episode when Dizzle makes his song is horiable.

    That song was bad but I guess he had to do it to keep is so called name. Also it makes me mad that they play that song when u go one there web site but they do have some cool clothes on there I have a shirt from there and I got it signed by Carey Hart it was really cool so I never where it lol I hope that the store stays open and running for a while so when I get old enough to get a tatoo I will get one there and at Maimi ink lol.
  • Out of all the reality shows I’ve come across, this is one of the better ones.

    Inked follows the employees of a tattoo parlor known as the Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company. With every episode, there are new people getting new tattoos and new drama surrounding what goes on behind the counter. And while the clerk drama may be over-dramatized for the purpose of making the show entertaining, the customers bring entertainment just as effectively by sharing the stories behind their tattoos.

    The concept of this show makes it interesting before you even see an episode, so it isn’t exaggerated to say that it’s a brilliant one. I mean, we have reality shows for everything else, why not have one that features a tattoo parlour?

    My opinion: It’s an awesome concept for a great show and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone into the ‘reality TV’ genre.
  • Everyday Hart and his employees come across strange customers or stressing job situatuions in the tattoo shop that keep this show interesting.

    This show is a great look at the life of a tatooist and the wide range of customers they come across. It just shows how more accepted tatooes have become in all classes of people. This show can be VERY addictive. In owning his own tattoo parlor, Hart is a young entrepenuer and a leader of his own kind.This is something that allows watchers to see how they can control their own destinies without following society\\\'s rules of what\\\'s cool and what\\\'s not. The show also has great supporting characters and guest appearances from celebrities every so often. Overall, it is a great and innovative idea for a show.
  • f@&#ing awesome!!!! enuff said!!

    inked is the best tattoo show out , with out a doubt, everytime i watch it, i jus wanna get a new tat, keep up tha good work ya'll, maybe one day i will come down jus to get a new peice done by that dopest artist out there, any ways, nuff respex due to ya'll at inked, stay real, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . .

    thunder bay. ON Canada
  • Where is Thomas working now? How can I contact him for some ink work?

    This show is raw and even though some Hollywood BS comes through, it seems real and the art is off the hook! These people have to work under very hard conditions and the public eye over their shoulder while their doing a job that requires a lot of concentration! Watching the show is like going to an art gallery with ever changing art on the walls! Tattoo's are art in one of the most pure forms. The artists that are capable of creating art that would make you watch TV are of a talent level so high, you almost have to watch a show more than once to make sure you did'nt miss anything!
  • This show is ok, but not as good as Miami Ink.

    I started watching this show after going through the first season of Miami Ink. So maybe I compare them too much. But this show is ok.

    When I watched the first episode of Inked I was really dissapointed, I just didn't like it at all. But since I'm interested in tattoos I decided to watch a couple of more episodes. And already in the second episode it starts to get more interesting.

    Now I've watched maybe 6 episodes and I must say that I like it. BUT the focus is not put on the tattooing, it's more of a clerk-drama if you know what I mean? It's all about the persons who works there, and not that much about their professions.

    So as a tattoo-series it's not that good. But still it's entertaining.
  • i think it is a wonderful show and its not like the normal show u see on any tv show!!! people would never see something like that on fox5 or any ABC network. i like it b/c it is a nonscript show and nothing id planned!!! u dont see that

    i love the show and i love carry hart u never see any shows like that any more everything is all abouts sitcoms and love stories i think it gives tv a new meaning and most people can relate to it and love it!! it is something that i think people shoould watch it and see how normal people work and dont really care about what is going on in the shop. it shows alot about who people really are and how they can handle certain things! to be honest most shows and networks are more about what people want to hear unlike aetv its great and could not askfor a better tv network
  • I think that inked is a pretty good show.

    I have really begun to like the tv show inked I know that they are getting tattos and a lot of people are against tattos but they act like they are really making a difference like this one guy was there to get his mom's named tattoed on his neck because she died of cancer and he wanted everyone to know how much he loved her so please watch this awesome show.
  • A reality television show depicting the life and times of Hart and Huntington tattooing. Episodes are organized around themes, personal and professional, with concurrent coverage of the tattoo arts. Las Vegas itself, its characters, and those characters

    I can't decide whether I like Inked or not, although I watch it regularly. If I didn't have Tivo, I'm sure I'd miss episodes. But, I'm equally certain I'd come back to it, too.

    I've always had a fascination with the artistry of tattoos and the artists who do them. I consider theme a legitimate, if outsider, visual art. That's why I started watching.

    I'm equally interested in the tattooed subcultures: tribal, biker, hipster, and so on. Although, as the show often suggests, tattooing is now become increasingly mainstream. Drag queens, grandmothers, frat boys, party girls, solid citizens. Well, almost everyone does it these days, and many of them have interesting stories about why they've chosen to go with body art and the design of the day.

    Despite the behind the scenes drama of the show (Hart's early struggles to dump his difficult partner Huntington, Thomas' on again, off again relationship with the former shop manager Monica, Dizzle's apprenticeship), I find most moving the surpisingly serious discussions of the art, its meaning and impact, by the artists themselves (here, I'm thinking especially of Clark North, the vet, Big E, Josh, Twig, Lacey, and Matt). Maybe it's the nature of the profession (which trades in the symbolic) or maybe it's the exceptional people who work at HH. But, they bring different and yet compellingly considered sensibilities to their craft. And, they demonstrate extraordinary talent in the art -- which is why they've ended up, no doubt, in a premium shop.

    So what don't I like about the show? I've sometimes tired of the behind the scenes chaos, especially surrounding Thomas' doubts about remaining at the shop and tortured non-commitment to Monica. I liked Thomas, thought he was a great artist. But it was hard to watch him suffer, much of his suffering -- he'd be the first to admit -- self-imposed. When he turned things around, it was a relief. Then, too, there are oddball moments, of asshats who want their penises tattooed or Steve-O, jumping up to kick in the Huntington. Sigh. Those moments especially make me think I am way too old to be the target audience for Inked.

    More importantly, I also get tired of what I suppose are some of the necessary hyper-marketing trappings surrounding the shop. They sometimes give the shop and the show a too-forced, too-slick passage, like a kid in high school trying too hard to look cool and not quite pulling it off. The art has substance, and for the people who do it and wear it, significance. I'd like to see the show's focus stay there.
  • INKED is by far the *best* reality show on tv!

    I don't know why, but I freakin' love this show!!! I got my first and second tattoo's this past summer and ever since I heard about this show in the tattoo shop-- I just had to watch. I am not one for reality shows at all, but this show totally rocks! :)
  • love the show

    would so love to be in dizzle\'s shoes, i draw lines with molten steel during the day and at night am a thrieving tattoo artist, you don\'t know how hard it is to find an artist that will give up the tricks of the trade, i wish you would show more ink sinking please, tomas i just watched the show where u and monica get back together and heard your having twins, stay cool i have twin boys and, two can be twice the head ache but also double the fun n love congrats bro, any chance you send me some tips on ink would be much loved, ladies feel free to write me, i\'m a goodhearted canadian boy lol, anyways love the show too cool thx Adam aka. keyzcan
  • Love love love........ Thomas

    I love this show and I love watching thomas . I can\\\'t get enough of him! HELP . love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Help
  • well to sum any thing up this show should have came out along time a go it is fantastic keep up the good work. I really hope to get out there and get tattooed. Take er easy if she sleazy take er twice.

    All i got to say is this show is real and real life tattoo artists are very incredible at what they do and they put up with alot of if you think that thomas is an ass or whatever you may call him,well why dont you stop and look at what his life may be like or walk a day in his shoes. I know so many tattoo artist and when they have to put up with stupid people in there line of work then i would be fu@#n pissed to.Its those dickheads that try to be something there not to impress someone else fuck stop being so fake. I am going to go to vegas in Nov of this year and i want thomas to tattoo me becasuse i think he is an excellent artist i have a few now but want more and if he can do it then that would make my maybe i will see you boys in vegas have a gooder
  • Carey Hart and Thomas Pendelton own a tattoo shop in a Las Vegas Casino.

    Inked is a mediocre program. It illustrates the ins and outs of running a tattoo shop. The emphasis with this program is the lives of the artists. You get to see the relationships they have with each other. You also get to see the problems that come with owning your own shop and coping with your employees. In my opinion it would be a bit more interesting if there was more focus on the customer and why they get certain tattoos. However, with this program customers are typically only the objects of lust for some of the artists. Understandable because some of the customers are quite attractive. However, this doesn't help illustrate the profound impact this type of art has on the individual or society.

    Quite an interesting group of people with a bit more work this show could be more interesting.

  • I love this show I think Thomas is very sexy with his bad attitude and Carey Hart is Beautiful and Charming :)

    I love this show I think Thomas is very sexy with his bad attitude. Carey Hart is amazing he is so talented and smart and I must not forget beautiful he has a way about him that makes him sexy,hott, and wanting more to bad he doesnt make more of an effort to be on the show because he is the reason I must watch.
  • Good show, made up of an ever changing cast of different personalitys. I think I would make a perfect canidate for the new manager. I hope that I am reached soon for my hire date, I WOULD NOT LET YOU DOWN.

    dFrom the first time I watched the show I wanted to know more about the art of tattoo. I myself do not have any yet. I hope to visit the shop in the future to get inked and help operate the business. The show keeps me up at night so it must be good. Good cast awesome owners,awesome artist, keep up the good work.
  • love it

    first of all, why is everyone hating on thomas. he's hot and a good artist, what more can you want! as for the show, i love it like a fat kid loves cake. i think it's hilarious and im gonna get it on dvd the day it comes out! oh yeah, and carey hart is pretty freaking hot too, but he's with pink
  • every scar and every wrinkle adds to the story our bodies hold, as do tattoos. tell your story or keep it hidden, all in all its already apart of who you are. =-]

    I adore the show. TO me every body has a story and a show about it real. I'd love to meet the cast and even be inked by the artists themselves. all of my tattoos repersent a part of me or my life. anyone who can say there body doesn't have a story to it is lying. =-] and who doesn't like a lil drama Life is full of it. IF anyone knows How I can get in contact with the onwers/ artists lemme know! i choose only very few to ink my body but that would be worth a trip to Los Vegas For sure.
  • All the reasons I love this show...

    I love this show. Its very interesting. It has lots of different and cool sistuations that happen inside of this Las Vegas Tattoo shop each episode. It shows you how all the different workers deal with working in the tattoo shop and all the problems that arise when people don\'t get along with eachother. All of the Cast members are unique in different ways. Thats what makes it so interesting. I love watching it each week. It isn't like all the other shows I watch, That why i love it.
  • Lovely.

    I like this show, it's entertaining and amuses me. Although there's a lot of drama there's isn't any less where I work so it's alright. Thomas makes the show interesting and has a pretty damn unique leadership style on top of that he's beautiful so that doesn't hurt anything. :)
  • Good original reality series.

    If your interested in body art or modification this is a great show for you. Its cool to see how a tattoo shop operates from the inside and out. And how it affects the peoples lives who work there and also come to get inked. If you like this you might wanna check out Miami Ink - its also a cool show.
  • A good show if you are interested in your own buisness.

    The show , shows how the business life has it's ups and downs and how getting in to a buisness with your friends just might not be the best thing in mind. This is diffinitely the kinda a show you would never think that someone could get hooked on but turns out you really can. The plot is trying to run a business plus who needs a plot Carey Hart is hot. Ha ha rhymed.
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  • Um, where's the story?

    Talk about making the most interesting of topics extremely boring! The pacing is extremely awkward too. The show focuses on the strangest of moments and glosses over the most intriguing ones. And playing scary music while watching someone get a tattoo is surprisingly boring. Very good idea gone horribly wrong.