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Welcome to the Insektors guide at TV Tome. Background Info Insektors is a French computer-animated cartoon created by a small studio called Fantome. The series was then later produced in English; two different versions of it were created. One was based off of the original French version, and retained the character names and a good majority of the dialogue, making it faithful to its original version. The second was dubbed in the UK, and the script was completely re-written and had all of the character names changed. The series was composed of two seasons and a half-hour Christmas special; of which was never released in English. The following information is based on the UK version of the show: The Verigreens The Verigreens love light and color. Unlike the Kruds, they can also fly too. They do not appear to have much known technology but they can perform small magic tricks. The Verigreens get their energy and source from the Prism, the source of all their light and color. They never give up their crops without a fight as the Kruds often try to steal their flowers but always fail thanks to Flynn, Alex and the rest of the gang. The Verigreen Characters Flynn Flynn appears to be the main character in the show. He is an orangey like insect and carries a guitar around with him that he uses as a weapon against the Kruds. He's brave, daring, handsome, and confident and likes to show off and tease his sister Alex. For years Flynn has questioned his true origin. But he finds out later on, to his horror, that he is a Krud. Alex Alex is Flynn's sister. She is a beautiful purple butterfly. She's intelligent, but can also be bossy too. Alex often acts like a mother, especially towards Bentley and Flynn. She's in a relationship with the Prince of the Kruds, Max. Alex sometimes doesn't watch what she is saying, and often snaps at Flynn by saying she wishes that Godfrey never adopted him when he teases her. Alex then replies by saying she's sorry, he was asking for it. Tsch, yea, whatever Alex. Godfrey Godfrey appears to be the head of the Flower City. He, like Alex, is also a butterfly with colorful wings. He is Alex's father and Flynn's adoptive father. He knows a few magic tricks and loves to tell the story and remind everyone of how the Prism first arrived on the black planet. He is very wise, and is also a magician too and very supportive towards Flynn and Alex. Bentley Bentley is a small green insect with glasses and a large red nose. He complains a lot and always thinks of the worst. He doesn't like it when Alex and Flynn go off on their adventures, and gets over-excited. He's not very brave but acts like he is. Elmo Elmo is a small creature and lights up. Handy for traveling in dark places. He doesn't talk, but rather, makes honking noises like Peg does. Peg Peg is a large horse-like insect that flies around. She was created by Magus, Flynn's father. Flynn and a number of other characters often fly on her. She honks, rather than talks. The Krudss The Kruds are the exact opposite of the Verigreens. They prefer the dark, dank and dreary. They are always trying to steal firewood from the Verigreens but their plans always backfire. The Krud Characters Queen Catheter Queen Catheter is the queen of the Kruds. She's cruel, heartless and wants to be warm all the time. She despises the Verigreens and always blames Draffsack for every little problem that happens. Prince Max Max is the prince of the Kruds who wishes to be a part of the Verigreens. He's always trying to build holes and escape and has a secret relationship with Alex. Draffsack Draffsack is a raving insect, but who would blame him if he's always constantly surrounded by a bunch of idiots? He always seems to get blamed for every problem by the queen. H likes saying the word 'rotten', a lot during his phrases. Synapse The poor guy just doesn't seem to get enough respect from his fellow Kruds. He's always creating awesome inventions that seem to fail, and then gets yelled at for it. Synapse often doesn't give a straight answer and would rather explain it in big words. Fugg A slow dimwitted guy who should be a Verigreen rather than a Krud. He seems to get picked on by the rest of the Kruds. Drumsturdy and Greeb Drumsturdy is the smartest out of the two, while Greeb is a little dimwitted, and often acts more like a child. Wasabi Wasabi is the muscles of the Kruds. He's strong, and tough, and lives up to serve the queen. No matter how stressful his days are, or how hard his work gets he just thinks of doing one thing - serving the queen.moreless

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