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Season 4 : Episode 9

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Comedian Amy Schumer stars in Inside Amy Schumer. Using a mix of scripted scenes, stand-up, and on the street interviews, Amy explores themes such as sex, relationships, and life.


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    • Comedian Amy Schumer


      She is not funny.

      She is however very very annoying. I don't know how for the life of me this keeps getting renewed (never mind getting a first episode). I've only seen it a few times, and I wasn't very impressed. I don't think it's awful, but there are a lot more worthwhile comedies out there. I've seen some funny moments, but most of it comes across as bland/cliche comedy. She's very hit and miss, and the show suffers for it.

      This show really comes across as hollow and extremely desperate. Every skit I watched made me cringe and even feel a little queasy. I felt like I was watching a fat, old clown drunkenly put on a song and dance desperately seeking laughs. Even though "offensive" comedy is the cool new thing Inside Amy seems too little too late. Amy hopelessly chases after the success of her male predecessors (Tosh and Jeselnik) doing these overly offensive skits, problem is these jokes are old now. Most of the jokes lost any shock value about two years ago. Don't waste you're precious time people.moreless
    • I'm sorry, but this flat-out isn't funny.

      Right now I'm going to get backlash, but in the future people will like this review once it's properly been shoved down each and everyone's throats, but this show and Amy Schumer is NOT funny, clever, or witty in the slightest. It seems like it has a lot in common with shows like "2 Broke Girls" where toilet humor or crude jokes constitute "humor" but she just isn't funny enough to pull it off. Her persona is just too much of a drunk sorority girl, but comes off incredibly annoying and grating. What is equally annoying is critics liking the show for political reasons; because she is a feminist and promoting an alternative to what is "attractive," suddenly the show becomes unique. However, if we see it for what it is, you'll just find it is annoying and unfunny, and many real-life girls I know could not relate to her. If you want something good, watch "Don't Trust the B in Apt. 23" or something GOOD.moreless
    • season 3 episode 3, brilliance in comedy writing

      Up until season 3 Inside Amy Schumer was just a slightly above average comedy sketch show I watched when nothing better was on but this has changed. Amy and gang have stepped up their game and taken it to the next level.

      Episode 3 "12 angry men inside Amy Schumer" is comedy genius, writing at its best! That skit is up there with Dave Chappell's "Rick James" and Nick Kroll's "wheels Ontario". I hope they can keep the momentummoreless
    • Genius!!!

      hilarious show i discovered by accident. Amy twisted the concept of stand-up+sitcom (as in Seinfeld, Louie or Legit) by replacing the sitcom part with very clever sketches and also interviews. this makes the show very dynamic and the opposite of boring. you can see she has lots of friends from comedy central who show up occasionally as guests, but there's no regulars per se. each sketch really stand apart. i didn't even know amy schumer at all, and there i am binging all 2 seasons in just 2 days (20 eps total), like a good book you can't put down.

      and i have to say amy's now officially my favorite female comedian. she has the intelligence and the wit of a Louis CK who's my favorite male comedian of all time. she's like him, but with girlie jokes.

      really go for it with this show you won't regret it. i hope CC signed a 3rd season.moreless
    • Often brilliant

      I'm always leery of sketch comedies, because they are so often terrible. So it took me a while to take a look at this. But some of the sketches in the first two episodes are absolutely brilliant. There is an intelligence in this show that is rare in sketch comedy (I have to think back to the Tracy Ullman Show to think of a fit comparison) and it can be wildly funny. Some sketches are weaker than others, but none have been bad. I'm really happy I gave it a chance.moreless

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