Inside Dish with Rachael Ray

Food Network (ended 2005)


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  • She needs to fire her wardrobe, makeup and hair stylists.

    SORRY -- I cannot take more than 10 minutes of this show!
    Rachel was fine on the Food Network. However, she looks absolutely AWFUL on this new show -- who in heaven does her makeup and wardrobe and someone SHOULD do her hair!!!!
    She is too loud, often overscreaming guests. She was cute on Food Network in the start, but she got increasily annoying even there because of her horrible gritty voice and horse laugh. She really should drop her cutsie talk -- she\'s too old for that.
    But someone please tell her to fire her wardrobe, makeup and hair people!!! That hair is awful -- stringy and looks dirty.
  • I love you, keep looking your best and keep cooking for me babe! one thing you can count on is I\'ll be your most loyal fan for life...

    I\'ve been watching the Rachael ray show since aired earlier this year, and i\'ve been in love with her since. not onlt she\'s one of the sexiest woman on the tube, she can also cook. and like myself I\'m a chef. and i tried a few of her recipe, and they are like she says, \"great\" if she\'s on TV for the next 25 years and have that same rocking body I\'ll be Rachael if your husband want\'s to be kinky and freeky with another woman, leave and let him, there is more than a million other man waiting.