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  • bye bye

    I've watched your show for years - every night I'm home@ 7:30 but having to watch Donald trump makes me actually nauseated so I have to turn the channel. I think I'll just give you up for the next year and (God forbid) if the fascist, racist, misogynist creep gets elected, well its bye, bye for 4 years.
  • Where does the info come from

    Linda's Stuff-read the REAL reviews, stay away
  • WOW 10 G's

    In her 20th anniversary show Ms Norville stated "Pulling 10 g's in a f-16 fighter jet" when she was riding in 2nd seat. She pulled a Bryan Williams" with that statement. The F-16 design parameters are for a MAX of 9 g's and if the pilot pulled 10 G's he/she was exceeding design specs and military doctrine. Military pilots are trained and equipped to handle excessive G forces with pressure suits and special techniques. Most untrained individuals "Grey Out" at about 5 G's and remain conscious but "Black Out" at about 7 - 8 G's IF they are wearing a G Suit. Quit trying to "Make The News" and embellishing your stories.

  • Terrible show, mostly fiction

    It appears they make things up and stage almost every part of their show. Not worth watching, I would get my information elsewhere.
  • Makes News Interesting

    Various ep (05-14)
  • Shame on you!! "Inside Addition" Fix This Somehow and Make it Right!!!


    It is apparent that you're in need of an editor as the editing was awful for the ":Rescuing Bethany" story that aired today. You didn't have the decency to mention Hope For Paws - Animal Rescue Group who saved her, or the Founder Eldad Hagar for all they do here in LA that was the least you could have done. We're bummed since Bethany's rescue was a joint effort between both of our organizations and The Bill Foundation who was incredibly generous in paying for ALL of Bethany's medical care (over $8K).

    I know it's REALLY confusing who is who and who does what and the reason is because few rescues work TOGETHER like we do :-) But we have to remember the end goal - AWARENESS FOR ANIMALS IN NEED - So, overall, our mission accomplished :-) And we all know how hard Eldad and his wife Audrey work to help us and our community.

    You really need to make this right, they deserve the credit and the exposure since that help so.... many street dogs and shelter dogs as well.

    Sad But True

  • covering the wrong thing

    On May 28th there was suppose to be a story about what it was like to grow up as Lisa Chapman Dog the Bounty Hunters daughter but instead there was a story about a wedding party falling into the water, how two college students died from a hazing, and the storm mobile, among other things, non of which had anything to do with the story that was promised. I feel that you all should ask for forgiveness on air then do the story that was suppose to be played.
  • This show has been polluting airwaves since 1989?!

    Woolly mammoth. This show has been polluting air since 1989? I absolutely hate how they focus on the most vapid celebrities, rivaling ET! as the worst television soap opera to clog up my brain. What possessed this show to keep going? What Elmyra Duff of an executive foistered this crap on the world?

    They who are of the opinion that Money will do everything, may very well be suspected to do everything for Money. ~George Savile, Complete Works, 1912

    Think about that, and don't make any more crap. Or better yet, think about the millions of viewers whose brain capacity had been leveled to a goldfish.
  • AS as fan of Inside Edition and Entertainment tonight I question whose idea it was to show the expensive gifts segment at a time when so many people are in pain.?

    Your expensive gift segment has never been a favorite of mine.This afternoon especially I found its timing very poor. I am one of many katrina victims who lost everything I worked all my life for. I sat in my living room in a house I for now call home and wondered why you would play a segment that most people can't relate to, and those who can, don't need I E. to tell them about it. Life I know has to go on but timing is a very important thing with any business and I think that your timing showed a lack of compassion. MOst of us are still telling ourselves to keep breathing and keep moving.