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CBS Premiered Jan 09, 1989 In Season


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  • Shame on you!! "Inside Addition" Fix This Somehow and Make it Right!!!


    It is apparent that you're in need of an editor as the editing was awful for the ":Rescuing Bethany" story that aired today. You didn't have the decency to mention Hope For Paws - Animal Rescue Group who saved her, or the Founder Eldad Hagar for all they do here in LA that was the least you could have done. We're bummed since Bethany's rescue was a joint effort between both of our organizations and The Bill Foundation who was incredibly generous in paying for ALL of Bethany's medical care (over $8K).

    I know it's REALLY confusing who is who and who does what and the reason is because few rescues work TOGETHER like we do :-) But we have to remember the end goal - AWARENESS FOR ANIMALS IN NEED - So, overall, our mission accomplished :-) And we all know how hard Eldad and his wife Audrey work to help us and our community.

    You really need to make this right, they deserve the credit and the exposure since that help so.... many street dogs and shelter dogs as well.

    Sad But True