Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 4

Event Night

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 25, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

David and Emily throw an elegant party for all their friends -- so elegant, in fact, that Emily isn't even sure she wants David there. Eve shows up with her beautiful cheerleader friend from Texas, Anne, whom Schwartz takes a shining to. Emily tries to play matchmaker with Julie by telling her she's arranged a "meet and greet" with a doctor. When a handsome guy named Parker arrives next, Emily introduces him to Julie before getting distracted by other partygoers. Julie falls head over heels for Doc Parker, and vice versa. Unsure of how to ask Anne out without hurting his friendship with Eve, Schwartz gets David to keep Eve occupied while he does the deed. Anne is all too happy to reschedule plans she already made when Schwartz invites her to a Knicks game. Unfortunately for him, Eve is the person she's rescheduling on -- and Anne is quite frank in letting her know why she has to cancel. But Eve surprises Schwartz by telling him that she's not upset, because she brought Anne with the intent of fixing them up. Emily is shocked when she walks into her bedroom, and finds Julie and Parker making out. That's when Julie learns that Parker is not the one Emily was going to set her up with. What Parker is, is married. To prove it, his wife, Alexa, pays him a surprise visit. All hell breaks loose after Emily brings out a candid adult party game called "The 10 Commandments," and Schwartz's and Anne's fawning over each other causes Eve to have a outburst and leave. When Schwartz confronts her for acting like Sybil, Eve admits that she's jealous. She eventually gives him her blessing, even if she neither wants him back, nor wants him dating the girl she tried to fix him up. Julie alerts Alexa to what her husband did. Sensing his devotion to Eve, Anne tells Schwartz to call her in a year.
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