Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 8

Eve's Date with Schwartz's Destiny

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 27, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

David is driven up the wall when Hugh inspires Emily to start doing a British character, Mrs. Chiselspoon -- which isn't nearly as aurally-pleasing to him as the other cute voices they like to do for each other. Schwartz is thrilled when he reads in the paper that Eve is dating Gary Sloane, the owner of the New Jersey Demons -- who could be his ticket to an announcing gig. Using Larry Bird as an excuse, Schwartz drops by Eve's apartment in the middle of their date, and makes a good first impression on the NHL big shot before Eve kicks him out. When David tells Emily that he can't stand Mrs. Chiselspoon, she tells him she can't stand one of his characters, T-Rex. Julie advises Schwartz to strike while the iron is hot, because Eve and Gary could break up tomorrow, and then he'll lose his free access pass. Gene is so out of the loop that, after learning that Julie and Hugh are dating, he gives Schwartz tips to win her back. David can't believe Emily doesn't love T-Rex, and suspects she only said she hated it as retribution for him saying he hated Mrs. Chiselspoon. Eve gets the wrong idea about Schwartz's interference -- she thinks he still wants her. When she tells David and Emily so, they play coy. They don't have to say anything, anyway, since Eve soon sees Gary and Schwartz on TV attending a game together. Gary grills Schwartz for info on Eve, unsure whether she really likes him. As thanks, Gary agrees to pass around Schwartz's audition tape. Eve barges in on the pair, and is confused when Schwartz recommends that she and Gary take a vacation. Eve tries to rub Gary in Schwartz's face, still oblivious to his ulterior motive. But she shows him. She's breaking up with Gary. And she wants him back. He tries to say no, but when the words "sleep with" come out of her mouth, he jumps at the offer. Julie catches them post coitus on the living room floor. Although Eve and Schwartz were confused whether or not they're now a couple again, through Julie, they realize they can have break-up sex without getting back together.
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