Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 2

Let's Go to the Videotape

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 04, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Eve shows up at Schwartz's place to ask if she could have the only copy of a naughty videotape of the two of them doing kinky stuff, because she wants to destroy it now that they're not together anymore. When Schwartz can't find the tape, his hopes of becoming friends with Eve are dashed after she angrily claims that he's keeping it as retribution for being dumped. Schwartz tells Julie that he suspects Gene took it, since he was over at the apartment the other night to get a movie. Against his will, Schwartz's sleazy agent, William, pushes up a soccer interview at a radio station that conflicts with his schedule. Since Schwartz is afraid to let his father know that he wants to be a sportscaster, he asks Julie to hang out in his office while he's doing the interview, just in case Gene comes by. The tape winds up in the hands of David and Emily, who borrowed a video labelled All About Eve... unaware of just how much of Eve "all" means. Following's Julie's advice, Schwartz lies to Eve and says that he recorded over the tape, so they can still be friends. Julie successfully covers for Schwartz by giving Gene ideas for new sandwiches. Schwartz and William meet the station manager, Al Martinez. Unfortunately for Schwartz, he doesn't know Spanish, and William neglected to tell him that it's a Spanish radio station. Unfortunately for David and Emily, they can't shake the image of Adam and Eve naked, what, with the two coming over to celebrate David's and Emily's anniversary. David has such a hard time keeping a secret that he just blurts out that he and Emily watched the tape. The announcement nearly ruins any chance of friendship between Schwartz and Eve, until he defends her honor to David and Emily, and she gives him back the video as a token of thanks.
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