Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Sep 27, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

It's been four weeks since Eve told Schwartz that she wanted to see other people, and not a moment has gone by since then that he doesn't fantasize about getting back together with her. Schwartz brags to Julie that it's Eve's goal to get back together as well, because she dropped by his apartment to ask if she could share visitation rights with his pet bird, Larry. Julie breaks it to him that he's misunderstood her intentions, but he doesn't heed the advice, and has to find out the hard way when Emily and David inform him that they're throwing a dinner party -- and Eve has already arranged to come with her new boyfriend, Blake. Since Schwartz has never been with another woman his entire life, David advises him to get back in the ring and bowl Eve over. Schwartz tries to hit a home run with a trio of eligible babes, but only manages to strike out every time he steps up to the plate. Panic starts to set in when he realizes that he's going to be attending his friends' party dateless, until Gene comes to his rescue by fixing him up with a knockout named Nadia. The pair are a perfect match, even though Nadia nearly fumbles the ball by showing up to dinner late. Just when Schwartz thinks he's about to score a touchdown in front of Eve and Blake the millionaire, David pulls him aside to let him know where he's seen Nadia before. She's a hooker. When David asks Nadia point blank in front of Schwartz, she tells him that he's way off base -- she's not a hooker, she's a "professional companion." And Gene already took care of everything. Although she had a good enough time with Schwartz to give his father's money back, he still winds up in the end zone. With four down and bases not loaded, Schwartz contemplates making a pass at Julie, but ultimately decides to clear the field.
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