Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 7

Play-Action Fake Boyfriend

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 20, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

David has no idea what Emily is talking about when she says she's the luckiest woman in the world, thanks to that thing he did for her. He soon finds out that thing was him putting a new bar of soap in the soap dish. Which he didn't even do. Because she's blackmailing him, Schwartz has to continue to pretend to be Julie's boyfriend when her parents come into town, so as to keep them off her back about her social life and prevent them from scaring away her real boyfriend with their nosiness. Schwartz and Julie brace themselves for the very Jewish Hermanns, a rabbi and a yenta. David is exuberant when Emily surprises him with the red cloth that Christopher Walken wore in the Russian Roulette scene of The Deer Hunter -- autographed with a COA. An uncomfortable Schwartz is forced to entertain Julie's parents, who arrive while Julie is out fetching dinner. David thinks he should do something expensive, romantic and huge for Emily, to thank her for her gifts. Emily's fondness for soap washes away after Eve tells her about the romantic horseback poem serenade Schwartz gave her. When Schwartz tells Julie's parents about his great career, they tell him that it's time he proposed to their daughter. In fact, they've even got the ring. Although Rabbi Hermann doesn't want Schwartz to say a word to Julie, when she gets home, he pulls her aside and does just that. And she begs to him to keep the ruse going. By proposing. The ruse is ruined when Hugh drops by their apartment, and introduces himself to the Hermanns as Julie's boyfriend. Schwartz tells David about the horse thing, who in turn steals it and uses it on Emily. But it doesn't work, since she knows he copied Schwartz's poem to Eve, just with the names changed. David confesses that he's not very romantic, but that's romantic enough for Emily. Julie comes clean with Hugh, who's okay with her lies, and manages to get her parents to believe that Hugh is her caterer -- at least until they see them kissing, anyway. So Julie tells them that Schwartz has been cheating on her with Eve, Schwartz pretends he and Eve are still in love, and Julie pretends to throw Schwartz out.