Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Dec 06, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Schwartz brags to David and Julie about a mysterious woman he met on a bus. So he rode on the bus every day in hopes of bumping into her again, only to find out today that she lives in the building. Now he thinks she's the one. Against agency policy, Julie decides to go scope out the person she's illegally subletting her apartment to. She lies to the handsome Brit, Hugh, by pretending to be Julie's friend, and offers to show him the sights. Schwartz's girl, Laine, is a little surprised to learn he has a female roommate. Julie falls for Hugh, and plans to base the relationship on a lie, so as not to get in trouble with City Rentals, but Emily puts a damper on her plans by reminding her that she didn't erase her voicemail message. Laine begins to suspect there's more to Schwartz's and Julie's relationship than he claims when he shows her a scrapbook full of pictures of the two of them. Then Schwartz gets a surprise visit from Laine's better-looking, male roommate, Chuck. Since Laine didn't mention the guy while she was grilling him about Julie, Schwartz suspects there's more to their relationship, and turns to David and Emily for advice. He follows Emily's recommendation for the four roommates to go out together to get to the bottom of things. It takes some persuading, but Schwartz is eventually able to convince Julie to go, by making her think he's trying to fix her up with Chuck. Unfortunately, Laine and Chuck do nothing but act like lovers on the date. Hugh catches Julie touching her answering machine, and suspects there's something she's not telling him. So she follows David's recommendation, and shows her boobs, which turns him to jelly. Schwartz becomes bitter on the date after Julie fails to show and Chuck gives Laine an orgasmic massage. When Chuck makes a pit stop, Schwartz relays his fears to Laine. She does likewise regarding Julie, making him realize maybe he was wrong... at least until Chuck admits to the pair that he is in love with Laine. Chuck's declaration freaks Laine out so much that she bails on both guys. Julie apologizes to Schwartz for flaking, and he calls things off with Laine. Who ends up getting together with Chuck. And advises he and Julie do the same.