Inside Schwartz

Season 1 Episode 3

The Pinch Hitter

Aired Thursday 8:30 PM Oct 18, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

Opportunity knocks for Schwartz, who hears from William that he's one of three finalists for a sportscasting gig with the Brooklyn Cyclones. The only problem is, they want him to have a partner he can trade lines off with, and Schwartz can't find anyone suitable. Until William calls to tell him that he's teamed him up with famous sportcaster Dick Newton -- who, thanks to William, is under the misconception that he's going to be St. Pita's new spokesman. When Dick shows up at Schwartz's office, Schwartz faces the unenviable task of cluing him in why he's really there. Not happy about being lied to, Dick agrees to go through with the co-sportscasting arrangement on one condition: that Julie be there. But Julie dislikes the loathsome Mr. Newton so much that Schwartz has to, in turn, beg her to come along for the ride. Dick turns out to be a raging boozer, who gets smashed right before the big game and passes out during halftime, leaving Schwartz no choice but to bench him and put Julie in his place. Though Julie has no sportscasting experience whatsoever, at least she's sober. While Schwartz plays it by the book, Julie proceeds to do the whole game as if it were a comedy talk show. When the pair get back to the office, Schwartz yells at her for not following his lead and presumably blowing the gig for him. Yet, he soon finds out from William that he got the job anyway, and then tries to apologize to Julie for putting work ahead of their friendship. Meanwhile, David and Emily have a spat over their newborn twins, as he wants them to take golf lessons, but she wants them to take flute lessons. After failing to reach a compromise, they both decide to just put out a golf club and a flute and let the twins show them which they like more -- which doesn't quite work out the way they planned.