Inside the Actors Studio

Season 8 Episode 17

Johnny Depp

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Sep 08, 2002 on Bravo

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  • The greatest actor and human being of our generation and times to come!!!

    Johnny Depp is absolutely amazing, he's such a true man, i wish that i could have the same outlook on life that he does. I love the way that he talks about Lily-Rose (She's a gorgeous little girl), i think that it's so sweet the way he plays Barbie with her (that's what you call an amazing man). Johnny's so talented, he's an amazing actor, i've got every one of his films; i love 'Edward Scissorhands'(Tim Burton's a real imaginative guy), it's such a sweet story. Johnny deserves all the happiness in the world. He truely is an amazing, intelligent, talented and beautiful man. Johnny deserves all the happiness in the world, he deserves it more than anyone, he's worked hard all his life and has bought entertainment and enjoyment, to so many of his fans across the world. i love him truley
  • This show was awesome!!! Please bring back Johnny Depp for an update interview of his new films!

    My favorite actor in the whole wide world is Johnny Depp. Why? Have you seen his movies. Any role he tackles, one word \"brilliant\"!!! I was so excited when you premiered him on your show but was very disppointed on the allotted time of one hour. Why not two hours, like the other actors you have on your program? You were very gracious with your questions and Johnny with his answeres. I rank this show 100% well loved. Thank you so much. Please have Johnny back. I know he is very difficult to obtain, but we (his fans) need to see an updated interview with him.
    Thanks very much!
    PS: can I purchase a video of this interview?
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