Inside the Actors Studio

Season 11 Episode 21

Michael J. Fox

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Oct 30, 2005 on Bravo

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  • Michael J. Fox is a remarkable man.

    The interview was wonderful and inspiring. Lipton starts as usual with a review of Fox's work, and some chat about the projects he's worked on. Where this episode is considered my all-time favorite is where Fox gets to speak from an astonishingly insightful and utterly intelligent way about his life. His book entitled "Lucky Man" isn't some self-serving crap about someone faking humility and gratitude for a great career and family and is a genuine heart-felt, deep expression of a very real emotion in Fox's core. The show goes on to allow Fox to speak about the "blessing" and "good fortune" of having Parkinson's Disease (diagnosed at age 30), and how he now sees his life for the amazing journey it has become. He expresses his thoughts brilliantly, lucidly, and wise-beyond-years. I recommend this episode for anyone struggling with a chronic illness of any kind or even anyone who has lost focus and wonders why life has become "so hard". Fox will inspire you as a man, not as an out-of-touch actor. He moved me to tears with his genuine courage and "don't you dare feel sorry for me" lifestyle. he is a good man.