Inside the Actors Studio

Monday 7:00 PM on Bravo Premiered Jun 12, 1994 In Season





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  • Candid and often insightful...

    When they were giving out creativity I was not only behind the door, I was on another planet, so I can't even profess to understand what motivates someone to seek or maintain a profession in the arts. I don't know what makes them tick creatively and frankly, I don't need to know.
    But I must admit, this is the one show where I can not only watch my favourites, I will occasionally sit and watch a performer I "don't like" (as if in reality I know anything about them which qualifies me to say I dislike them). And I will usually get some insights that surprise me, and make me take note of the fact that I, like most people, use strong adjectives to judge people I don't even know on the basis of a characterization, or worse: on a bad hair day. And if only briefly, it makes me describe performances rather than people as "likes versus dislikes". And much more regularly, it makes me appreciate the fact that I can happily do my chosen profession without mass judgment; and ill informed judgment at that.
    The origins of "art" in a individual are only understood by a rare few...but fascinate all of us.
    I think James Lipton does a really credible job of enlightening those of us who are creatively challenged, and encouraging and supporting those who are naturally gifted in the arts.
    The 200th episode was really interesting as it put Lipton himself on the "hot seat". Interesting juxtaposition to have Dave Chapelle doing the interviewing...
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