Inside the Actors Studio

Season 10 Episode 7

Tom Cruise

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 11, 2004 on Bravo

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  • Tom Cruise Mapother IV? Wonder why we're seeing this again... Hmm...Slow day at the Actor's Workshop I guess.

    I love it when I see someting again that has a totaly different meaning than the first time I saw it. Tom's been grabbing the Wack-job Spotlight lately, and I think this was an attempt to suddenly make people remember why they like him. It's like that really bad smell you just can't quit smelling, and you encourage your friends to do the same. "Can you believe how bad this stinks? Smell it again, it's really bad, man!" But somehow it does bring a smile to your face, and you know you'll smell it again, and so will your buds.