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Thursday 1:00 AM on NBA - National Basketball Association Premiered Nov 12, 1991 In Season


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  • Charles Barkley is an idiot! His views on parenting and disciplining are outdated and quite frankly terrifying.


    Fire his ugly ass - get him off the television screen; don't allow him to use your tv show as a platform to promote child abuse!
  • Intelligence Insulters

    What ever TV exec allows these four idiots to do a POST game show needs his head examined! Watching or shall I say, being tortured by watching this show is the same as listening to Obama try to explain his actions.

    I don't need to watch PROFESSIONAL basketball and then hear for two hours what was done that I had just seen. Take a hint people SHUT THEM DOWN they are awful, and definitely not funny.
  • Charles should be there to provide the news. As you can see, having favorites do not work. And saying that the Wizards are the dumbest team in the NBA for making the second best player in the NBA mad (your opinion), I feel was not in your job duties.

    We all how the wizards proved you wrong, by coming home and destroying Cleaveland. Like Lebron said, a series isnt won until someone wins on someone elses court. As for Soldier Boy, thats who Stevenson likes. One of the older commentators said that he loves Soldier Boy and has all his records and knows all his dances. Like you said, if players want to dictate how much time they get, they should get thier own team. Well I think if you want to talk about NBA teams, then maybe you should get your own team. And as for the you cant see me move, You never commented on Lebron and Damon hitting the ball out the park. Obviously they couldnt see him knocking down them threes. lol. And lastley, You should have spent just as much time talking about how the Wizards blew Cleaveland out as you did when Cleaveland blew out Washington. One thing that I always remember Coach Billick (the Balt. Ravens) saying is that all these players are pros and are getting paid to be pros. Some may be better then others, but thats why you play the game.
  • The NBA postgame show which features the three, Inside the NBA, has gained popularity in recent years for the chemistry and banter they have. Occasionally, Johnson, Smith and Barkley are joined by either Magic Johnson or Reggie Miller.

    What's great about the show is how Kenny and Barkley contrast. It's hilarious how they talk about these basketball topics. Barkley has been known for his controversial comments and outrageous bets. During the 2006 NBA Playoffs, in response to performer David Blaine's attempt to stay under water for nine minutes, Barkley duplicated the stunt with a small tub of water. In late 2002, Barkley told Kenny Smith that he would "kiss his ass" if Houston Rockets rookie Yao Ming scored twenty points in a game, which was followed by Yao doing exactly that later that week. As a result, on Listen Up! With Charles Barkley and Ernie Johnson that Thursday, Barkley kissed the rear end of a donkey that Smith brought into the studio. Barkley has also been weighed on air several times, and once said B---S---T live on air. In 2002, a controversial Sports Illustrated cover, in which Barkley was portrayed in chains like a slave, led to a sometimes heated debate on the show. The last 3 years, Kenny Smith has been challenging retired great shooters because he thinks he is the best shooter that is not playing ball professionally. Very entertaining show coverage on the NBA.
  • Every Thursday night after all the NBA games on TNT, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson recap every game from that night. Once in a while, Magic Johnson and Reggie Miller will stop by

    This is, in my opinion, better than SportsCenter since I only like basketball and football. They don't waste my time with sports (like baseball and hockey) that I don't care about. The side commentary from Charles Barkley is hilarious and usually makes no sense at all. They also have a part of the show called "Kenny's Clips" where they breakdown key aspects of the game TNT just showed. Another part I love is the "Gone Fishin'" pictures they show of a teams star players photoshopped on to red-necks (usually with potbellies) fishing.

    Overall this is one of my favorite shows out there right now. It is informative and I can't wait to hear what they all have to say

    SUNS GOT GIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Inside the NBA is a very informative program. But it only selects a small percentage of the teams of the NBA. It use some improvements like listing the progression of some more the NBA teams like charlotte,Atlanta,orlando and other non-elite teams in the

    With those things I mention the program could improve to 9 or 10 in the ratings. It is of my opinion that the program could be shown more often. I cannot get enough of the program. And I would like the program to be extended to at least an hour.
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