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Inside the NFL is one of the longest running, Emmy award winning sports shows on cable television today. Each episode has some of the most exciting player profiles, interviews and footage as well as expert comentary from past players from around the NFL. Current hosts include James Brown, Cris Collinsworth, Phil Simms and Warren Sapp who provide the in depth coverage that fans have come to expect since the shows long history. Inside the NFL began in 1977 with its original hosts, Al Meltzer and Chuck Bednarik, but is wasn't until 1979 that the show started to take form, with the hosts that would be on the show for the next 22 seasons, being Len Dawson and Nick Bounichonti. In 1990, Cris Collinsworth joined the cast of the show, and the three-man setup was there for 5 more seasons until they added some others to fill that 4th spot, whether it was Jimmy Johnson for his lone season in 1996, or Jerry Glanville, who was there from 1997 to 2001. In 2000, Dan Marino joined the cast after retiring from 17 years in the NFL, and was immediately a fan favorite. After the 2001 season and the shows 25th season, Len Dawson, Nick Bounichonti, and Jerry Glanville left the show because in Len and Nick's case, they were getting too old and Cris Collinsworth took the lead host role. In 2002, Bob Costas and Cris Carter came on the show, and joined Cris Collinsworth and Dan Marino. That foursome went from 2002-2007, ending with what was supposed to be the last ever episode of Inside the NFL, on February 6th 2008. Then for the 2008 NFL Season, Inside the NFL was picked up by Showtime, and the current cast for that show is James Brown, Phil Simms, Cris Collinsworth, and Warren Sapp. Historical segments from the show included the Cover Story, Where are They Now, NFL Crosstalk, Teeing Off, and now there are segments called Grab Bag, King for a Day, Phil's Pet Peeves, and Ask Warren Anything. Inside the NFL is now going into it's 33rd season and it now the longest running sports show on TV, and the second longest non-soap oprea show TV only behind The Price is Right.moreless

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