Inside The NFL

Season 31 Episode 15

NFL '07 - '08, Week 15

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Dec 19, 2007 on Showtime



  • Trivia

    • After week 15, the "Beat the Hosts" scoreboard reads:

      Collinsworth 9-7 (153-71)
      Costas 10-6 (150-74)
      Marino 11-5 (147-77)
      Carter 10-6 (146-78)

  • Quotes

    • Cris Collinsworth: And the one final thing we know, is that Tony Romo has game.

    • Louis Black: Its a beautiful Sunday afternoon and if its Sunday, that means I'm at a football game. But I'm in Los Angeles. There's nothing here. No football!

      They keep promising that a team is coming but from the looks of this parking lot, I don't think anyone is packing their suitcases. The old Coliseum has seen some great football - the Rams, the Dons, the Chargers and the Raiders. Its time the second largest television market in America got their football back!

      Who would be on this new team? How about TO - he's an egomaniac, just like everyone else in Hollywood. Tom Brady likes bathing with super-models, but Peyton Manning is a better fit because he's a bad actor.

      Move a whole team! For the Cardinals, it could be a short drive, something they seem to be good at. You could call your new team the Earthquakes, the Fires, the Mudslides or the Implants. Do me a favor, don't get uniforms that show up on the gang color wheel. And don't let Disney get their hands on them - I don't want to see that f#%#ing rodent on the helmet.

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