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  • Brandon Marshall must go

    His failure to stand for our flag Thursday was disgraceful. He has insulted all of us who spent a lifetime defending his right to do so. I have watched inside the NFL for years but will now turn it off as soon as I see him on the set. I now have 2 teams that I no longer watch. San Francisco and Denver.
  • New Inside the NFL but certainly not better

    I used to like the show and Cris Collinsworth was the show. He was funny, entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Now you have a guy convicted of abuse and another guy who says you support your team mate because you don't really know what happened between a couple. Excuse me, but we do know what happened between Ray Rice and his wife! Now all you have is four guys who all try to talk at once and out shout each other. Phil Simms is boring and a terrible announcer. Turned off the second show and won't watch again as long as this obnoxious crew is there.
  • Cris Collinsworth's Commentary -

    Surely NBC can do better than last night's coverage of the Seahawks/Packer game. Collinsworth's continuous ravings and bias towards Seattle became so aggravating that I actually turned the game off. His fawning and gushing was so over the top, it threw objectivity out the window. The Hawks played fantastic football and deserved praise for their performance. Collinsworth deserves NOTHING for his performance. If he is to be "heard" on every NBC game this year, I will choose to give these games a pass and will enjoy watching completely fair and unbiased coverage on FOX. My god, can't anyone at NBC EVER get this guy to just shut up? I really felt sorry for his partner. Collinsworth is an embarrassment.
  • Bashing Dez Freaking Really

    I am currently watching Inside the NFL week 16. I am a female, 43 n been a Cowboy fan since I was 2, I respect the EX PLAYERS that are hosting the show, watched them play my whole life. What pisses me off is the way THEY Talked ABOUT DEZ BRYANT n his reaction to the loss with Green Bay! Not a lot was mentioned about his spectacular plays all year long but he gets upset when our Defense thinks they have the game won n is worn out in the second to mention how much Romo always helps the opposing team within the last minute or 2 in the 4th quarter due to awesome passes to the opposing team. Ive watched it over n over n if I was Dez I'd walk off n cry too. He AT LEAST shows passion for his team while everybody else is wondering what Romo has been doing underneath Jerry Jones desk n how much he's getting paid by the bookies in Vegas for always "THROWING" a game. Love u Jason W. Demarco, Dez, Beasley, Austin, Sean Lee,n Ware. Jerry Jones pull ur head out of your ass, money n blowjobs aren't getting u wake up n SHAME ON YALL FOR CRITICIZING Des because he REALLY WANTS TO WIN. Shame, Shame, Shame Chris Collingswoth n all the BS I watched tonight, won't watch again unless I have to see u on Sunday. Feel the same about Jerry Jones, I'd already have ANOTHER SUPERBOWL franchise If i had ur money. Your all show, blow,n no go.

  • The N word

    As a retired school teacher of 2005, I listened with interest to Chris Collingsworth comment on use of the N worked in locker rooms, on the field by white players and Black players. While Chris is sincere singling football as being the only cultural arena where the N word is used frequently; its so tunnel visional! Ask any school teacher, Blacks call each other the N word as a sign of acceptance. White gang rap boyz use the word with there black brothers in class in hall ways in cafeteria and Boyz room lav's. That's just the males; the females are 100x worse. The inter-actions i witnessed with black girls and white girls using the N word were infamous in my high school. Maybe if media giants would spend time in high schools observing, they would realize the problem starts in the schools, streets, housing projects of America and NOT in football at all. How about banning Gangster rap in the media of America? What happened to the federal government
  • Ignorance is Bliss!

    I saw tonight's segment where sixth graders have invented a helmet with padding on the outside and all of the guys on Inside the NFL were amazed and talked to Harry Carson like this technology doesn't exist. The sixth graders will never have a patent approved as the product not only exists, but is on about 15,000 players this year. The NFL has known about it for about two years and has ignored it and the helmet companies fight it every step of the way. It is called The Guardian. Look it up.
  • What Did The Show Switch From Football Content To Personal Opinions On Political Correctness?

    I've always liked the show but after watching the group tell us that the Washington Redskins must change their name because it's offensive to some, made me decide that I've watched my last Inside The NFL. I use to watch Inside the NFL for the sport content not personal views on political correctness.

    I am so sick and tired of having political correctness shoved down our throats and that the few can dictate what everyone else must follow. The polls that have come out show that the vast majority of people don't find the name offensive should make it clear that the Washington Redskins shouldn't be forced to change their name. What has become of our Country when we cringe when someone says something is offensive to them. There are a number of things I find offensive but I don't try to force my views on others, I just don't buy the products of the organization that offends me. It's that simple, if you find the name offensive don't by products from the Washington Redskins. Change the damn channel and keep your opinions to yourself! How hard is that? Quit trying to force your opinions on others!

    Y is it that Drew Brees broke a 27 yr old record n he only made the whip around we have won 8 straight games n still no respect no air time if it had been precious Aaron Rodgers r Tim Iebow y'all would've talked the whole hour
  • New Orleans Saints ----- "Inside The NFL"

    I am very upset with all the guys on "Inside The NFL". The N.O. Saints quarterback Drew Brees broke Dan Marinos 27 year old record on MNF against the Atlanta Falcons and

    hardly nothing was said about it. Instead we had to hear about Tony Romo's hurt hand for

    about 20 minutes. Please explain why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your mad fan, Peggy
  • Good NFL show

    I watch this show every week it sums up what happened durng that week in the nfl and shows highlights.They usually have a NFL player or someone they interview too. This show has the best highlights of nfl they arent too short they show all the major plays the only bad thing is the highlights of games that werent exciting or didnt matter get skimmed through. This show usaully tries to be funny isntead of sriousthas why I like it. I prefer the old collinsworth costas carter marno hbo version the new people arent as good collinsworth simms sapp and james brown on showtime. Good sports show liked the old cast better though.
  • It's not the end of the series at all. Starting Wednesday September 10th, Inside the NFL will be premiering on Showtime instead of HBO. Warren Sapp will be joining the cast of the show this year. Will anyone request Showtime just to watch this show now?

    I truthfully don't know if this is going to work as much as everyone is hoping it would. I've always been a big fan of the show on HBO since I started watching it in 1994. Now that the show is switching networks and I haven't had Showtime in 4 years, I wonder if it's time for me to get the new channel just so I can watch my favorite NFL show again. It's time for all die-hard football fans like myself to look hard at the new NFL Network that's on basic cable, as it's trying to become the premier show for NFL games and highlights. If you're all fine with that, then continue to watch it, but for those who traditionally like the other show on the premium channels, then it's time to dump HBO once and for all, and get showtime to continue to watch the longest running sports show on television.
  • For NFL fans like myself!

    I loved this show as a teen but the hosts
    Have changed and would like it even more if they
    Brought back Len Dawson and Nick B. Can't pronounce or spell
    His name right. Great show though and Bob Costas is great and good enough for me. Love the NFL and it is a treat for all of you NFL fans like myself!
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