Inside - Season 4

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Episode Guide

  • Lethal Action
    Lethal Action
    Episode 12
    Go inside the high-profile shootouts to see how split second decisions and twists of fate determined who lived, and who died.
  • The Second Coming
    The Second Coming
    Episode 11
    Meet three men who believe the Second Coming has already occurred and that they walk the Earth as the Messiah.
  • Outlaw Bikers: Angels Go Global
    Follow the expansion of the Hell's Angels' empire as they take on a rival gang to gain control of the Scandinavian drug trade.
  • Interrogating Saddam
    After Saddam Hussein's capture by US forces in December 2003, FBI agent George Prio interrogated the fallen leader - this is the inside story.
  • Delta Divers: Racing the Storm
    The divers aboard the Southern Hercules barge are 120 miles out to sea to disassemble, and plug an aging subsea oil well.
  • Delta Divers: Diver Down
    Meet the Delta Divers, a team of highly skilled underwater adventurers who descend where few dare to go - 300 feet below the water's surface.
  • Inside Polygamy: Life in Bountiful
    Take an intimate look inside a fundamental polygamist community as it experiments with modernity.
  • Border Warriors: Ground Zero
    Follow the Shadow Wolves, an elite unit of Native American federal agents charged with hunting down drug smugglers in Arizona.
  • Biker Chicks: Leather & Lace
    The inside story of the women who live, love, ride and play with the sexist and often violent world of American outlaw bikes.
  • Inside Cocaine Submarines
    Colombian drug traffickers are using a new secret weapon to smuggle cocaine north - drug submarines.