Season 23 Episode 16

The Juggler of Notre Dame

Aired Unknown Dec 12, 1982 on

Episode Recap

The Juggler of Notre Dame is a contemporary version of the Medieval folk tale. Barnaby, a great circus juggler, is crushed by the death of his beautiful young wife. He mopes around, barely supporting himself by juggling on street corners. When a street traveler named Sparrow befriends him, the two become a juggling act and Barnaby regains his joy in life. But then Sparrow is mugged and killed and Barnaby is plunged into a deeper and more total despair. He rejects God and swears he'll never juggle again. As Barnaby moves from place to place, he comes upon a community of dedicated Christans who are redecorating their earth-quake shattered church. Each person is planning to give the Virgin Mary a personally fashioned gift. Barnaby appreciates the love that these people have given him but he has nothing to give and so he plans to steal away early Christmas morning. Because the statue of the Virgin reminds him of his wife, he stops for one last look before he departs. There he meets Sparrow who momentarily returns from the dead to encourage him to give his own unique gift of juggling. As he concludes his juggling act, the statue smiles and tosses him a rose - a sign that his gift has been accepted.