Insomniac with Dave Attell

Comedy Central (ended 2004)





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  • Dave Attell is hilarious in his own show, Insomniac, where Dave roams around cities all night and meets some interesting characters. He travels across all over the U.S. and sometimes the world just to get drunk in some random bars with interesting people.

    Dave Attell stays up late with some freaks and drunks. You'd think this would be a stupid show but I actually found that Dave is smarter then he leads on and makes the show funny. Dave talks to a lot of the locals wherever he goes whether it be in Bars or in a special place he's visiting. With his camera man, Brain, he leads crazy drunken adventures across cities. Dave always finds a special attraction or profession in the city to check out and investigate and seems to find a way of making the people look silly. This show is definitely original and unpredictable and definitely worth watching.
  • He\'ll tour this city .

    Dave Attell is a stand up comedian who on stage smoking tell jokes that plain dirty. When his work is done, he\'ll hit the street to tour of the city after dark. this show is about the people that Attell encounter. the type of people and place that you won\'t find during the day. He\'ll ran into weird people, people who run run bars, adult book stores, adult clubs, anything no ordinary person who go to. Attell has a humor to go with his tour. His humor is on the street with him. so you better be good, because Dave Attell is coming to town.
  • funny show

    this show was one of the funniest i had ever seen when it first came along. i do not know why i thought it was that good, i mean it's just a guy travelling around and getting wasted. but it was funny. the best episode was when he went to little rock and hung out with sweet sweet connie. if you watched really close you could see her rolling a joint.
  • Staying up late to watch other people stay up late.

    Dave Atell was a genius. He made a television series centered around him drinking in different locations. Plus he got to see some the the more interesting sites and weird locations that are never advertised by the Chamber of Commerce.

    I watched this show ever time it came on, just to see who Dave would meet in his late night travels. Then again, I have a thing for watching drunk people act silly. Being a night-owl myself, it was interesting to see how other people live the night-life and what they do with it. Too bad the show fell under it's own popularity. Dave frequently got more attention in the states when he would go on location, and it seemed to become more of a "I'll do anything to get on Comedy Central" type of people showing up. Dave did venture outside of the United States, but ultimately I guess he decided to center on his stand-up.

    For whatever reason it ended, it was good to see a real Reality show on television documenting the late night insomniacs, no matter how strange they were.
  • This show is awesome. It's wrong, but it's awesome.

    I can't think of a better reality show when this show. Insomniac was great because it showed a side of the world that many people may not have seen, (though many people may not want to.) It very interesting to see crazy things, including crazy people, in a city that may be the complete opposite in the daytime. To see people that may be businessmen or respected people in those kinds of environments is great. Dave Attell is an amazing, but slightly disturbing, people to be willing and able to made this show. Obviously a raging insomniac. They should definitely bring this show back for all the normal, hardworking individuals that are to tired to be insomniacs.
  • Dave, you're a god.

    It sounds bad. Honestly it does, but I like this show.

    I know, alot of people that haven't seen it are thinking that Dave just gets wasted. Or that it's some type of Jackass clone.

    So very untrue.

    This show goes into the places that you've always wondered about in your town. You know the places that are open at night, but you're not sure if you should be in. The ones that when you do find yourself in them you wonder if you're going to be getting into trouble for being there.

    Between visiting landmarks, all night shops, and sometimes visiting with people while they work you learn things about the night, and the people who work graveyards.

    Not everyone that's out at night is a weirdo.

    Dave taught me that.

    He also taught me to bring a camera.