Inspector Gadget

Season 1 Episode 11

A Star is Lost

Aired Weekdays 7:30 AM Unknown on DiC Entertainment

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  • Dr. Claw hopes to use the music of Rick Rocker to control all of his fans. Gadget is sent to protect the rock star, to the rocker's chagrin.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. The story is interesting, and it has lots of action and humor. Who knew that Inspector Gadget was a cello player, although it seems he doesn't have a musical ear at all?

    It's a common story element for Gadget to frighten the person he is trying to protect. It is no different with Rick Rocker. Gadget manages to frighten him with the Gadgetmobile, and he also ruins his guitar.

    There are several great action scenes. Gadget is caught in a room full of deadly, flying records. Later, he, Penny, and Rocker are wrapped in audio tape and placed on a conveyor belt heading toward a record press.

    The greatest scene of all is Gadget's moment onstage with an electric guitar.