Inspector Gadget

Season 1 Episode 21

Basic Training

Aired Weekdays 7:30 AM Unknown on

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  • MAD plans to steal important computer parts from a train. Gadget is placed on the train to foil their plot.

    This was a pretty good episode with a solid storyline.

    Having the episode take place on a train doesn't seem like that exciting of an idea, but the writers pull it off. Gadget, thinking he is a MAD agent, chases Brain from car to car. He even follows him up on the roof and has to avoid being smashed by a tunnel and a bridge.

    Gadget makes it into Dr. Claw's headquarters, and he actually stands face to face with the villain, but he has no idea who he is.

    One scene is a classic Superman moment. Gadget saves the train from a destroyed bridge by using his body as a railroad track.

    The only downside to the episode is that, as in the previous episode, Dr. Claw is not voiced by the usual actor. He isn't as threatening.
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