Inspector Gadget

(ended 1986)



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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • M.A.D. Academy
      Episode 42

      Dr. Claw has opened up his very own school to train new MAD agents in Metro City. Before going to the Police Academy, Gadget is sent to stop the new MAD school.

    • Double Agent
      Episode 36

      MAD is looking to kidnap the Shah of Freeland for ransom. But to make sure Gadget doesn't get in the way, MAD creates a robotic double to frame him for various crimes.

    • Clear Case
      Episode 32

      Gadget heads to South Africa to investigate a MAD plot involving ghosts in a diamond mine.

    • 10/21/83
      The world's most powerful microchip, the Pup-1, has been stolen. Dr. Claw and his Japanese counterpart, Iji Waruda-San are suspects. Inspector Gadget and Penny solve the crime and return the microchip. Safety Tip: Importance of seat belts.
    • 10/18/83
      While on a trip in Africa, Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain suspect that M.A.D. agents are using wild animals to scare off villagers and set up a crime base in the jungle. Safety Tip: Be prepared when you go exploring.
    • Inspector Gadget II: IG-2
      Direct to video sequel to the feature film. Gadget finds himself facing competiiton when he is partnered with the newest model from the Gadget program: a female who sees her predecessor as "inferior", meanwhile Claw escapes from prison determined to rule the world and exact revenge on Gadget
    • Inspector Gadget
      Inspector Gadget
      Episode 24
      Feature film. Security Guard John Brown finds his life suprsingly changed when he becomes a victim of a hi-tech robbery by Dr. Scolex. The goverment pick him as a top choice for their "Gadget program", installing the completly crippled Brown with state of the art gadgets and weaponry designed to help him stomp out crime. Scolex, now calling himself Claw after suffering the loss of a hand, decides to create his own version of Gadget and send it on a crime-causing rampage.moreless
    • Inspector Gadget's Last Case: Claw's Revenge
      Made for video. With the Gadgetmobile damaged in a high speed chase and considered to be obsolete anyway it's retired from the force and sent to a used car lot where it hangs out with two other former hero sidekick cars from the 50s and 70s. Meanwhile Inspector Gadget (and his replacement Gadgetmobile) is being continually upstaged by new supercop Devon Debonaire and in danger of losing his job if he makes one more blunder. Which he inevitably does but Penny and Brain have suspicions that there's something fishy about Devon and investigate him. As for the original Gadgetmobile it's about to have an offer it can't refuse from Devon, aka Dr. Claw.moreless
    • Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas
      As Christmas Day approaches, everyone in Santa's workshop is working on the toys. However, Dr. Claw uses microchips to control the elves and then imprisons Santa Claus. Masquerading as Santa, Dr. Claw has the elves make defective toys, which he will deliver to the world to make this the worst Christmas ever. Chief Quimby orders Inspector Gadget to investigate reports of MAD activity at the North Pole. Penny and Brain are along for the ride, and they soon arrive at Santa's workshop. Unfortunately, only Penny and Brain realize what is going on. Can Inspector Gadget still save Christmas and stop Dr. Claw?moreless
    • 2/1/86
      Spuds Malone, the head chef of the 'Ol Bad Guys & Gals Retirement Home, was once the criminal inventor of the notorious "Red Rose" tommy gun back in Depression-era gangland. This unique firearm used potatoes as ammunition to fire off rancid potato sludge & gases at its hapless victims. Dr. Claw decides the Red Rose could just be what he's looking for to eliminate Gadget and has his old mentor, Les Renown, bring Spuds out of retirement. Coincidentally, it turns out Gadget once witnessed and escaped certain harm during one of Malone's last gang wars as a baby, which is enough reason to cajole him to take the job. What later ensues is a manic wild-goose-chase across Metro City for Spuds and his old cronies to relocate his forgotten weapon with Gadget and Capeman unwittingly hot on their trail with a stupefying gun of their own (only this one fires corrosive sour cream pellets)! Which dimwitted party will sport the baddest gun of them all???moreless
    • 1/18/86
      Dr. Claw hires a retired mob boss, the wheelchair-bound Great Great Godfather, to assassinate Gadget.
    • 1/11/86
      MAD agents travel back in time to 19th-century England to steal the crown jewels and wipe out Gadget's ancestors, chimney sweeps named Chimney and Char Gadget. Gadget is assigned to follow them back in time and stop them.
    • Gadget's Roma
      Episode 17
      Gadget, Penny, and Brain travel back in time again - on this occasion, to ancient Rome to prevent Dr. Claw's own time traveller, Thelma Bodkin, from deciphering an ancient mosaic and stealing the treasure it describes.
    • 12/28/85

      Gadget, Penny and Brain travel back in time to prevent the destruction of their family's history by MAD time travelers. While in the past, they encounter caveman versions of themselves.

    • N.S.F. Gadget
      Episode 15
      MAD gains control of Metro City's banks, by tapping into an orbiting sattellite. With the added distraction of 'Crazy Gas', a substance that induces hallucinations in their victims, can even Inspector Gadget ever hope to regain control of the city's bank accounts?
    • M.A.D. In the Moon
      Episode 14
      Using bombs disguised as kewpie dolls, Dr. Claw and his agents, Null and Void, scheme to alter the surface of the moon so that it will resemble the MAD logo. Gadget and the seemingly learning-disabled Capeman are sent to the moon to stop him.
    • Focus on Gadget
      Episode 13
      When a space station orbiting Earth goes silent, Gadget must investigate. However, Corporal Capeman is sick and cannot go. Penny and Brain tag along aboard the space shuttle that takes Gadget to his destination, where Penny discovers that the station's soft-spoken HAL-like supercomputer is under the control of two MAD agents, Dr. Null and Dr. Void. Their evil plot involves a giant magnifying glass that can aim and intensify the sun's rays towards Earth.moreless
    • 11/30/85
      Something ominous is inexplicably causing the citizens of Metro City to be beset by unstoppable nightmares. As an upshot, everyone, including the Gadget clan, is just too sleepy to function during the day. It turns out MAD's Dr. Spectrum, the diminutive but diabolical inventor from "Busy Signal" and "Ghost Catchers", has engineered a machine capable of generating nightmare-inducing rays, which are being surreptitiously propagated throughout the night via the local TV station's antennae. With the entire city lulled in a tired stupor, it becomes ripe for looting by Dr. Claw's agents. Concurrently, Spectrum & his henchmen are also manufacturing a "dream-away" gizmo at the TV station to exploitatively sell to the nightmare-plagued populace for MAD's own profit. It's Gadget to the rescue while fending off fires, lasers, killer robots, near-electrocution, and other insidious traps up Dr. Spectrum's sleeves. Will Gadget, Penny and the rest of Metro City ever regain their ZZZ's? Just watch and see!moreless
    • Busy Signal
      Episode 11
      MAD inventor Dr. Spectrum has developed an elaborate phasor gun capable of de-materializing matter at the molecular level, which can then be teleported to Dr. Claw's domain via the city's telephone circuits. Under the guise of a local telephone company, Spectrum and his goons systemically target the mansions of Metro City's elite neighborhoods and proceed in burglarizing them with the dial of a number and with a zap of the aforementioned gun to send the loot straight into Claw's hands. No break-in signs, no prints, no traceability...seems like MAD has hit the mark with this furtive little scheme, but too bad they forgot bumbling Gadget is hot on the case!moreless
    • Ghost Catchers
      Episode 10
      Dr. Spectrum of MAD invents 'Ghost Globules' - pellets that produce glowing ghostly critters. He plans to sets them loose on Metro City, then offer to sell people a spray that will banish them. Gadget investigates a costume party while on the trail.
    • 11/9/85
      The Gadget clan faces one last threat from MAD's Dr. Dumkopf, which involves battling his hulking, irascible humanoid assistant named the Grappler. Fortunately, sweets, candies, and ultimately Penny's kindness help in soothing the soul of this misunderstood beast and thwarting Dumkopf for the last time.
    • 11/2/85
      Professor Dumkopf of MAD is back, this time with a shrink-ray gun he uses repeatedly on Gadget in an attempt to shrink the Inspector into nothingness.
    • 10/26/85
      Professor Dumkopf of MAD unleashes the Linguinis, five little implike creatures, on Gadget's house with the mission of deep-sixing the Inspector.
    • Gadget's Gadgets
      Episode 6
      Inspector Gadget and Capeman are both sent to a clinic run by MAD. They tell Gadget that they are going to test his gadgets, but in reality they plan to destroy them. They are also going to get rid of Capeman.
    • 10/12/85
      While Gadget trains his new assistant Capeman, Dr. Claw launches a crime spree to celebrate MAD's anniversary.
    • 10/5/85
      Corporal Capeman joins Gadget as his assistant as Gadget persues the notorious Ninja.
    • Wambini Predicts
      Episode 3
      The Great Wambini goes to Alpakistan to win the King's diamond-spitting llama by making three accurate predictions. Gadget is sent along to investigate MAD involvement, and ends up playing in the National Floobyball Tournament..
    • 9/21/85
      All the pets in Metro City are being kidnapped, and MAD is the likely suspect. Could the Great Wambini be the key to the case?
    • Magic Gadget
      Episode 1
      The Great Wambini, famed magician and MAD agent, gives a performance Metro City will never forget - with the demise of Inspector Gadget as the planned finale.
  • Season 1
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