Inspector Gadget

Season 2 Episode 26

Inspector Gadget II: IG-2

Aired Weekdays 7:30 AM Mar 11, 2003 on DiC Entertainment



  • Trivia

    • In this movie, Gadget's creator was an old man. In the original movie, it was a woman. However, in the original cartoon, it was an old man as well.

    • Inspector Gadget says "Go Go Gadget Helicopter Hat" to activate his signature personal helicopter, but in the series he says "Go Go Gadget Copter," and in the first movie he says "Go Go Gadget Chopper."

    • In the 1st Movie, Inspector Gadget's telephone hand was on his left hand, then in the 2nd one, it was the right!

    • If time is stopped how did the gates open automatically?

  • Quotes

    • Inspector Gadget: Chief, you have to put me back on the Claw case. The department needs me.
      (Inspector Gadget hits the donut then the jelly hits Quimby)
      Quimby: You're right, Gadget, the department does need you and I have just the assignment to take advantage of your unique abilities.

    • Penny: You'll never get away with this, Claw.
      Dr. Claw: Penny, my dear, prepare to witness a great historical moment.
      Penny: Of your demise?
      Dr. Claw: I do enjoy your sense of humor.

    • G2: Inspector, I just wanted to say I may have been a bit premature in my earlier evaluation of your abilities.
      Inspector Gadget: Well, that's very big of you, G2.
      G2: I was wrong to think of you as inept, clumsy, imbecilic...
      Inspector Gadget: Don't mention it.
      G2: Obsolete, simple-minded, malfunctioning...
      Inspector Gadget: Yes, yes, I get the picture.

    • Dr. Claw: (seeing Penny) Well, if it isn't Mini-Gadget. Get her!

    • Dr. Claw: (laughing while holding newspaper) Looks like Gadget has finally found his true calling: Roto-Rooter Man. Ha, ha, ha!

    • Penny: It smells like Claw.
      (Gadget sniffs the letter)
      Gadget: No. Why would Claw want me there?

    • G-2: Looks like I've got this all wrapped up. (smiles) I just made a joke!

  • Notes

    • This film's plotline is a straight copy of Goldfinger, which also has a villain using a giant laser to break into the world's largest gold depository.

    • This movie is actually closer to the series than the first. Claw keeps his face hidden throughout the whole movie, Penny gets into trouble, but this time, Gadget's the one that bails her out.

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