Inspector Gadget

Season 1 Episode 9

Race to the Finish

Aired Weekdays 7:30 AM Nov 05, 1983 on DiC Entertainment



  • Quotes

    • Gadget: Oh, my gosh! That car is on fire. I better use my Gadget-Snow-Gun to put it out! (Dr. Claw is coughing because of the smoke, while the Gadgetmobile puts itself right next to the MADmoblie)
      Gadget: Don't worry, I'll save you! Go-Go Gadget-Snow-Gun! (Gadget fires his Snow-Gun, filling the MADmoblie with snow.)
      Dr. Claw: (waving his hand menacingly over the window to Gadget, while MADCat grumbles about being covered in snow) It's full of dirty snow! I'll get you for this!
      Gadget: Oh, he's waving thank you! Thanks are not needed my good man! Glad to be of service!