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  • From the 80s???

    Various ep (00)
  • Back on TV!

    Inspector Gadget is back! Now you can watch or TiVo the episodes on thisTV channel.

    The theme song is the best!
  • Cool!

  • Watched in reruns.

    But I love this show. Great.
  • One of my favorite 90s cartoons

    I loved watching this show as a child. Penny and Dr. Claw were my favorites. Penny had all the nifty gizmos we wished we had while Dr. Claw was always left hidden from viewers' eyes but let us know of his evil plots with his henchmen.
  • One of the funniest cartoon series of the 80's.

    Personally, this was always one of my favourite cartoon series, because we all got a good laugh out of everything that went on in it. A bumbling detective who did not have a clue of what to do, his niece who actually was the brains of the outfit and was always helping her uncle, their dog who was a master of the disguise, a police chief who's always in disguise so he can deliver self-destructing messages (just like in Mission Impossible) and a creepy villain inspired in the character of Ernest Stravos from the James Bond movies, this series had everything to be a complete success. I think that the way they handled the stories was very good, and the animation used in it was also very good. The characters and their personalities were quite strong, and even in the most dangerous situation you would still be laughing about it. I give this series a very big 10. Nuff said.
  • Clever show with an unforgettable cast, the movie unfortunately didn't match it enough, Brain was a regular dog in the film.

    The crazy antics of a gadget covered bungling super sleuth with Penny and book with wire neck Brain, a classic. Deserves a DVD set, for novelty/nostalgia/fun theme song/collectability. Wishing they would bring back classic Gadget cartoons for a whole new generation to enjoy or make a movie that is live action Gadget to a tee.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • Who the hell thought of this?

    Oh My. This is just as worse as teletubbies,barney and tweenies. Never had any great episodes. I dont even like 1. This show shud be taken of Boomerang and stupid sitting ducks.

    If You want this, Dont get it. All ways dumb, never funny. Another Dvd and Video to add to the crushing list!
  • It's okay

    This show is all right. It is not really, super bad but it is not incredibly, unbelievably good. It is just an okay show. It's really kind of cliche and average. Nothing special at all, but I li8ke teh cliche stuff. It's a formula of TV shows that I'm used to. Ha ha ha.
  • Am I the only one who wanted the bad guys to win?

    Okay, so for the first few episodes I watched, I could handle the slight idiocy of Gadget. But after those first few, my patience was tested, and I switched over. As with a lot of children's shows, the format was the same every episode, and it got very boring, very fast. You always knew whatever the Cheif was in, he was going to get blown up. You always knew that Penny was going to sneak into anywhere and use her clever book, and you always knew she was going to make Brain follow Gadget. And more importantly, you knew the day was going to be saved by Penny, and then Gadget would promptly take all the credit. I mean, didn't the Chief ever think to ask Gadget why Penny was there in the first place? Or why he never made the phonecall?
  • What were they thinking, a clumsy detective?

    I'm sorry, but I sort of disliked this show. I mean, foolish mistakes--that's not what real detectives do. And that "I'll get you next time, Gadget, next time" quote felt really creepy. And I'm sure glad I didn't see the episode in which Gadget had a mustache, because it looks pretty strange. But I loved Penny, Gadget's niece and caretaker. She is called a caretaker because of the way Gadget is clumsy and silly. But the theme song was just annoying. The lyrics just repeated a little. And I'm glad that the show's DVD sales are going low, because like I told you, this show just doesn't interest me.

    Now, most people might disagree with me, but it's my opinion, so... let's hope this was helpful.
  • One of the best animated shows of the 80's. It was funny, had cool music and very entertaining at times.

    While I didn't like everything about this show, such as Gadget's being such a constant idiot, always thinking his dog in disguise was a M.A.D agent, the M.A.D agents were his helpers, and the too easy victories at times when Penny used her computer book to wreck Dr. Claw's plans, it was mostly a very entertaining show to watch. To he be honest, where did Penny get her computer book, and how is it able to wreck such havoc on computers and stuff? Anyway, the best part of the show I think most will admit was the characters Penny and Dr. Claw. Penny IMO was one of the cutest animated blonde girls on TV. But not only was she cute, she was smart and the real brains behind stopping Dr. Claw and his evil plans on a daily basis. The fact she let her uncle take all the credit was very humble of her, but my personal belief is she did that more to help Gadget keep his job since she knew the Chief would fire him if he found how dumb his agent really is.

    And then there's Dr. Claw. What can one say about him? He was a very cool villain to the say the least. With an intimidating voice, super secret appearance and brilliant evil plans, he was one of the best villains ever made. In fact, I think he should be in the top 10 of best animated villains.

    Anyway, all and all, this show was good. Not great, but nice for a laugh here and there.
  • This show is proof that if done right, a show can be simple, formualic, and repetetive, while still being great.

    "Inspector Gadget" has become one of the most recognizable TV shows in cartoon history. Ever since the premiere in 1983, to the end in 1986, and it's current status: syndicated reruns, Inspector Gadget himself is a pop-culture icon, his phrases like "Go, go gadget [insert word here]" has been referenced on many other shows such as "My Wife and Kids". Sure the show was simple, formualic, and repetetive, but it's still entertaining, and very fun to watch. This a show that makes you feel really good while watching, and while it's not laugh-out-loud funny, it still has it's funny moments. It's a very fun show to watch, and it's never boring or dull, it's just a fun show! I know I'm repeating myself, but that's what this show is FUN! Dr. Claw is actually pretty menacing, and scary. I think he's one of the coolest animated villains ever. Frank Welker's voice-work was as brilliant as it always is. I think Claw is one of his best characters. Plus the theme song. It may have only had only five words to it, but it was very catchy, and one I'll never forget. EVER! One of the few 80's cartoons that was actually really good. I say this is DiC Entertainment's 2nd best show (1st is Sonic SatAM). Great, entertaining, funny, and overall a fun show to watch no matter what mood you're in. It's just a plain fun show to watch. It always puts me in a good mood, and it's always entertaining. When I think of a cartoon I would call a classic, this is one of the first ones that comes to mind. I believe "Inspector Gadget" is one of the most comforting cartoon shows of all time, and one of my favorites.

    Rating: 84% "Great"

    -Cartoon King
  • Go go gadget fun!

    I grew up with this show since I was 4 or 5 and there is a very good reason why it is still being shown on TV today, it's fun to watch. The interesting schemes, the gadgets, the colorful characters, how can you go wrong? Shame the movies were a big disappointment, but then again most cartoon to movie adaptations fail. I always wondered what Doctor Claw's face looked like, since you have to fill your head with assumptions. Deformity? Disfigurement? Cyborg? Android? Whatever the case, you would have to use your imagination. To fully see Claw's face get the action figure (I won't tell you. See for yourself.) "I'll get you next time Gadget! Next Time!"
  • Inspector Gadget was a fun 80s cartoon . Yes, it was simplistic and even formulaic, but it had some good characters and a catchy theme song.

    Inspector Gadget was a fun 80s cartoon . Yes, it was simplistic and even formulaic, but it had some good characters and a catchy theme song. It was a cartoon mash-up of Get Smart, Mission Impossible, and The Pink Panther, with a kid sidekick and and genius dog saving the day.

    Inspector Gadget followed the adventures of the incompetent cyborg inspector - Inspector Gadget. Almost every episode was identical. Chief Quimby, hiding in some everyday object, would give Gadget his mission statement (which invariably would self-destruct and blow up Quimby). Usually the mission would be to stop some evil plan of Dr. Claw.

    Inspector Gadget would bumble about not solving the case, or getting captured -- at which point Penny, Gadget's niece, and her dog Brain would manage to save the day.

    Part of the fun was seeing what gadgets Inspector Gadget would use that week. He would activate the gadget (which were built into his cyborg body) by saying, "Go, go gadget (body part)". His legs were springs, his neck could stretch, and he had helicopter blades built into his hat.

    A fun show.
  • one of the greatest cartoons EVER!!!

    i swear, they made this cartoon thinking of Get Smart, a classic show of the same style. Inspector Gadget is a half-wit detective, but also completely mechanical. He accidently always wins, but only because of his neice Penny and her dog Brain. Reminds me alot of the anime "The Irresponsible Captain Tylor" where the hero is more of a slacker who just has amazing luck. Well, Gadget is no slacker, just loaded with luck. Also reminds me of Darkwing Duck a little. I am hoping this show comes to DVD soon, it was a classic when it was created, and would still capture children and adults today.
  • I remember this show....

    Wow, this shows brings me back to when I was younger and when I used to wake up on Saturday morning's to watch this show. Now I don't remember much about this show because the last time that I saw it I was probably 1996, when I was 4. But, what I do remember is the wacky things that Inspector Gadget would do, I also remember his niece Penny and their dog. This show is such a classic, I don't think that if they brought it back, that I would like it though. This show was just so good that if they modernized it I dont think that they could make it as good as it was. Well, that is all I have to say on this great show.
  • A good series

    I enjoyed this series because it was never meant to be taken seriously. Inspector Gadget is dopey yet funny and the villain "The Claw" was more funny than evil but I liked the show for that. It was very entertaining, I mean sure it is cheesy and a bit silly at times, but that was the charm of the late 80's/early 90's. In other words, the era of the better shows (even though there are some good shows today, just not as many as before). I liked all of the characters in this show since they all played different roles and actually served their purpose. I would definitely check out this show, really it is good!
  • I like Inspector Gadget.

    I only saw one episode but from what I can tell this show is pretty good. On a scale of 1 to 100 I rate this show 99.4%. I liked the adventure when Gadget and Penny was in the Alps and the clocks. I wounder if their going to make another series like this show?.
  • A very classic series...

    ...I have the DVD, Inspector Gadget: The Original Series! Go-Go-Gadget DVD! The DVD even has the pilot episode on it! There was only one DVD left, so I was lucky to get it. It has the first 22 episodes. I was so funny how clueless Gadget was. The movies weren't that good, though. The first movie wasn't true to the cartoon, then the second one was TO true to the cartoon. Gadget only discovers a M.A.D. agent once(in the pilot episode). I used to watch this show in the 90's(I was born in the 90's ;D), but it was only reruns on. I'm glad that I can still watch this show on DVD.
  • One of the best animated shows of the 80s!

    Inspector Gadget was one of the best Dic cartoons ever made, it had one of the coolest concepts for a hero ever, he could pull out any gadget to help stop the MAD agents and Dr. Claw, another factor was that it had one of the best villian in cartoon history, Dr. Claw. Always sitting at his desk watching anything that Gadget was doing at the time, never seeing his face only his Claw, with MAD Cat at his side, scaring many children during its run with his ominious voice. Also the show had very well written storys, always pitting Gadget against Dr. Claw and his minions, but usually his neice Penny and her dog Brain, solved the crime and stopped Claw and Gadget got credit. The show had a lot of humor, making it one of the best shows of the 80's. If you haven't seen Inspector Gadget you don't know what your missing. Pick up the Shout Factory DVD Set today, It's worth it!
  • Inspector Gadget is a show made by DiC. The show is all about Dr. Claw and his evil organization called MAD trying to take over the world. But a cyborg inspector named Gadget is always on the case to foil Dr. Claw's plans with the help of Penny & Brain.

    What a great show! I enjoyed watching it when I was a little kid and I still enjoy it now. In each episode of Inspector Gadget, Dr. Claw tries to commit a crime, Gadget finds out about it. Brain the dog secretly follows Gadget around for Gadget's safety, Penny uncovers MAD's plots and foils MAD's plans to take over the world and Gadget gets the credit for solving the case. At the end of each episode Gadget, Penny and Brain gives us a safety tip. The show is for all ages and I highly recommend it for everyone.
  • I love this show from the clueness of inspector gadget , cheif quimby disguises , penny\\\'s intellence and her dog brain so I like the evilness of Dr Claw we know so little about and this is what makes him a great villain

    This show was a personal favioite of mine when it reaired in the 1990\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s I just the cluess Inspector gadget , smart penny and her dog brain , cheif quimby\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s disgiues also the evilness of Dr claw we know so little about him and this is what makes him effective
  • "Go, go, Gadget legs!"

    Inspector Gadget was a fearless crimefighter gifted with mechanized accessories such as a propeller beanie and super-expando legs. He could call for a drill knife to pop out of his wrist; he could step with supreme ease over a row of cars in the street.

    He didn't look for trouble; trouble came looking for him.

    Accompanied by his clever niece, Penny, and her dog, Gadget answered the call of his police chief and solved crimes around the world. The missions were almost as dangerous for the chief as Gadget, since the Inspector never figured out how to dispose of his message alerts without nearly blowing up the room...

    Together the team battled the evil deeds of Dr. Claw and his minions. The kingpin stayed one step ahead of them, but his henchmen didn't have quite the same luck.

    This was a sweet and charming show with characters that were fun to watch. If you don't see it in reruns, there should be a DVD out.

    Go, Gadget, go!
  • My favorite show

    My Grandma lives right next door to me.I would eat some salteens while I would watch the show. It made me feel like I wanted to do something to make a difference. I would also watch where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?. I also had watched the movie made by disney.
  • I don't remember too much about it, but the theme song was great!

    I don't remember too much about this show, but I remember it being somewhat interesting, and it had a catchy theme song, which is probably the only thing I do remember. I know it was very original, and I liked it. It was one of the good shows of the 80's, and I remember when I was young when they used to play reruns of it on the Disney channel. To tell you the truth I didn't even know it was from the early 80's intill today. I am happy that they made not one, but two movies pretty resently for this show. It's good to see it back, and I hope they make another one in the future.
  • All I can say is "I'll get you next time Gadget, next time" (*shakes fist* in best Dr Claw motion).

    Love it!! Love it!! Love it!! Gadget was my second fave toon after Astro boy of course. WhenI was 5 years old I actually ran away from home because my mum said I couldn't watch Inspector gadget for one night as a punishment for being mean to my brother. Growing up I felt a strong connection with Inspector Gadget, I meen not only could he do cool things he also reminded me a lot of my Dad- hehe! in looks and weirdness ( although he didnt have like 50 foot long arms and legs and a helicopter propeller in his hat). Anyway I used to pretend I was Penny, and my brother was brain. And I always wanted a book like penny's with the computer in it. I still remember the song and sometimes (usually very late at night when i'm trying to sleep) I get the song stuck in my head, I love it. I cant say I really got into the movie though, you know the one with Ferris Bueller in it. Bring on the Gadget revival I say!
  • "Go Gadget! Go!"

    Inspector Gadget is the world's first bionic policeman. Our bumbling detective is equipped with an incredible array of gadgets to help him in his never-ending battles against crime and corruption. Never mind that he usually ends up accidentally using those gadgets against himself and his allies!

    Fully aware of his potential for inadvertent destruction, criminals, thieves and bandits fear for their lives whenever Inspector Gadget appears on the scene. Even his nemesis, the evil Doctor Claw, gets a little nervous. (Not to mention Chief Quimby, Gadget's boss!) Inspector Gadget's destiny is marked by the letter "G" -- gadgets, gags, gaffes and goofs! But, thanks to the intelligent help of his young niece, Penny, and his faithful, long-suffering dog, Brain, our hero always manages to vanquish his enemies and emerge victorious in the end.

    I remember watching this show on Nickelodeon when I was really small. I used to adore the show more than any other. I will probably purchase the DVD as soon as possible.
  • I really enjoyed watching this on syndicated stations and also on Nickelodeon. This was another great 1980s cartoon.

    Most Cop TV shows or detective shows are serious shows, but Inspector Gadget doesn't fall into any of those categories. Sometimes he can't even control himself, but that's when Penny is there to help him out when things get out of hand.

    There was a message at the end of every episode with a message toward kids, which I thought was great.

    This is one of my favorite cartoons from the 1980s.
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