Inspector Gadget

Weekdays 7:30 AM on DiC Entertainment Premiered Sep 12, 1983 Returning 20/1/2017





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  • One of the funniest cartoon series of the 80's.

    Personally, this was always one of my favourite cartoon series, because we all got a good laugh out of everything that went on in it. A bumbling detective who did not have a clue of what to do, his niece who actually was the brains of the outfit and was always helping her uncle, their dog who was a master of the disguise, a police chief who's always in disguise so he can deliver self-destructing messages (just like in Mission Impossible) and a creepy villain inspired in the character of Ernest Stravos from the James Bond movies, this series had everything to be a complete success. I think that the way they handled the stories was very good, and the animation used in it was also very good. The characters and their personalities were quite strong, and even in the most dangerous situation you would still be laughing about it. I give this series a very big 10. Nuff said.