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  • Mayhem, murder, mendacity, and mystery

    I am absolutely sold on George Gently mystery series on Netflix. History and murder combined with brilliant performances by Chief Inspector Gently, the supporting case, and then throw in the mix of audacity, arrogance, and cleverness of John Bacchus. Gently gives me hope that there are men like him in the world, and Bacchus gives me hope, because John is learning despite his background and youth. Also, because Gently likes John, sees potential, and is trying to save John from himself. Well done, INDEED! I am waiting for the next episodes.

    Also absolutely enjoy Murdock Mysteries and Sherlock.
  • Gently down the stream.

    I had watched the mini-series Rhodes and was very impressed with the acting of Martin Shaw. As a consequence I took to watching Inspector George Gently. What I did notice was that Shaw's smoking over the years has affected his manner of speaking. He now talks more softly, and the Gently character and mannerisms remind me of Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle from Foyle's War.

    His partner Bacchus was hot and cold. With each passing episode I disliked Bacchus more and more. Inspector Gently is the antithesis of Bacchus. However, you can tell the two actors had great chemistry together.

    The show did not really maintain consistency of quality from episode to episode.

    Some episodes were great but many others seemed lacking and dragged on.

    One item which I deplore about some BBC television shows is using British actors to play the roles of Yanks with absolutely horrible American accents. This was very evident in the episode Gently in the Night.

    I personally thought the first season was the best of the six seasons with all three episodes being very good. Other than that I thoroughly enjoyed Goodbye China and Gently in the Cathedral.

    Aficionados of BBC detective shows will still, nonetheless, enjoy Inspector George Gently.

    My current favourite BBC shows are Ripper Street and Sherlock.

    Row, row, row your boat,

    Gently down the stream.

    Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,

    the show could use more steam

  • Graet Show

    1 of the best shows on TV - if not THE BEST - I cant stop watching- Hooked - Huge Fan - Every show gets better & better. Watch it -> Spread THE WORD !