Inspector George Gently - Season 5

BBC (ended 2017)




Episode Guide

  • 9/16/12

    A career criminal from London has been released from prison after successfully appealing that Gently had fabricated evidence against him. Now Gently finds himself suspended from duty and under investigation by the Met.

  • The Lost Child
    Episode 3

    Gently and Bacchus investigate the kidnap of the adopted child of a middle-class couple, and suspect that the child's birth mother might be involved. Their investigations take them into a local Mother and Baby home, uncovering the societal pressure that forces single mothers to give up their children and the lengths to which the adoptive parents were prepared to go to secure a child.

  • Gently with Class
    Episode 2

    The body of a young socialite is recovered from a car found submerged in the river. The vehicle is registered to a local aristocratic family, and it soon becomes clear that the driver abandoned the vehicle, leaving the girl to drown. The family is determined to protect the position of the eldest son and heir, and Gently and Bacchus find themselves pitched against the Establishment.

  • 8/26/12

    1968. Gently investigates the murder of a young black woman at an all-night soul music club. He and Bacchus uncover a disturbing racist element within both the local community and the police force. Racial tensions within the community escalate rapidly, compromising the investigation and posing a new set of problems.