Inspector Morse

Season 6 Episode 1

Dead on Time

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Feb 26, 1992 on ITV

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  • A past love of Morse's is the wife of a dead man.

    Inspector Morse finds himself investigating the death of Susan's husband. Many years prior Morse had been engaged to marry Susan and he hopes to rekindle the flame.

    But what first looks like a suicide, soon turns to murder when Lewis remembers the curtains were drawn when he arrived.

    It reveals a family secret of the death of the daughter and granddaughter and what their son-in-law had to do with it all.

    It comes down to who really killed the man and who was responsible.

    Overall a good episode, although there are much better ones than this one. The ending with the cassette tape was never really explained which is the only flaw.