Inspector Morse

Season 4 Episode 3

Driven to Distraction

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 1990 on ITV

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  • The best episode of Inspector Morse ever!!!

    In my opinion this episode of Inspector Morse is the best ever. I loved that connection between a current case and one which we had not seen before. The fantastic red herring with the music playing in the car and the tape deck holder was also great! The characters were very believable and acted brilliantly. When Morse & Lewis went against each other I couldn't help but chuckle!

    I was very pleased to notice in this episode that David Lonsdale played a minor, non-speaking role of one of the detectives in the background. He is famous for playing the hilarious David Stockwell in Heartbeat (one of my favourite shows!). You can see him crop up a number of times this episode but most prominently near the beginning when the Morse is standing by a blackboard outlining the case to the other detectives.

    This really is the best episode of Morse ever! It has to be seen by every Morse fan!